Request for escape leaderboard reset

Please TC could you kindly reset the leaderboard in escape ?
Easy to do and it could bring back the best escape community (isn’t it what you at TC wants for your game?)

Escape mode is dying. Outside the daily grind (Most of people are (almost) max in cards and swimming in GC) I feel that we will not have any incentive to go on playing this mode.

I am thinking (and I feel that I am far from being the only one) that this is the ONLY way to make people playing again this mode with pleasure (taking into account that there won’t be any new map).

Do you figure out the satisfaction and motivation for an escape player to reach a place in the top 100?
It is more rewarding than getting cards or few GC. Although this reward system is needed for newer players.

Hoping long life to escape mode :crossed_fingers:t2:


Would love that and also a random hive matchmaking option to squad up with two others’ outside the dailies and featured hives.

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I walked away from escape. I don’t even look at the daily or even consider going for the cards anymore. It’s an excellent mode but so dead when I’m searching for a game. I only ever do a search by Inconceivable and I’m lucky to find a single lobby.

I don’t know if resetting the scores would bring back players or would it upset people already at the top? I’m not sure it can be revived without a new map every fortnight, which is why the mode won’t be in Gears 6.

Personally I think the best way to refresh escape is to have the daily have completely random modifiers like horde daily. Sure some days it might be easy and others impossible but it needs new life.


Score reset on leaderboards will only do something for the what, 1% of players who actually care about it.

Someone like me who doesn’t care about a score that is obtained through artificial inflating by playing in ways that don’t seem like natural gameplay flow(to me, obviously), it’s not going to do anything with Escape because it’s still the same stale maps with the same old enemies that I have played for over a year and a half in case of some maps. A, because the score is absolutely worthless, B, there is no incentive whatsoever to bother with the leaderboards, not that I would necessarily need a reward to care, and C, well, I stated that point before, as in you’re still fighting the same enemies on the same maps but with only 3 skill cards which is bound to make any pre-existing BS and imbalances in the mode even worse.


I like this idea.


I understand your points.
Nevertheless I am thinking that it could bring back the competitive part of the escape player base. And this will bring more custom game lobbies not linked to the daily map.
We can clearly see that there is less and less open games (anytime of the day). I agree that the idea of random mutators could be great as well.

I am not a competitor and do not play score run (except when the lobby host requests to bring score card - very rare). But if the leaderboard was cleared there could be some space to get the lowest part of the top 100 even with randoms.
And this is the cherry on the cake after a successful game.

I was very surprised but it happened to me on the Hive getting the 55th place after a random game (it was not intended to be a score run - just the daily)
You know what : it pushed myself to play it again …
This is exactly what could be good for the game and TC : naturally have some players who are already max go on playing.

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I don’t think this would work in escape. It could in theory if the developers could code only certain modifiers to be available on certain hives but I don’t have confidence they can do that. In horde all enemies are possible in any given horde game. I have a feeling you would get modifiers that don’t even have an effect on certain hives. Invincible enemies that aren’t even present in that hive. Invincible scions would show up on the line and so on.

I think getting rid of CXP rewards would be better. If I see CXP rewards I don’t even bother attempting the daily hive. Just bad players trying to level up classes


Frag rejects on Corruption would be fun.

Reviving topic since there’s still no TC response.


Be nice to try and earn the toxic sets again also

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fixed it for u :+1:


I support this and a horde reset too considering all the changes that have been made

Since we got the Op7 reveal. and what is planned for PvP leaderboard management, I regret nothing is planned for escape leaderboard.

Time count had changed since the beginning of gears5 that the top times are unreachable now.
Even considering that this mode is not TC priority. a leaderboard reset could be welcome by the escape community and probably by newcomers who could be attracted by the competition.

Already said that I am not a competitor but many who still play escape on a regular basis should welcome this leaderboard time/damage score cleaning (not the other stats of course).

Reading all the deserved positive posts concerning Op7 too few of them referred to that legitimate request (saw only @CommanderCH2863 ´s call)

Escape could contribute in keeping some players in the longlife cycle of the game and that leaderboard reset seems mandatory for this purpose.

Escape gets new players due to daily reward only but they are not pushed to keep on : it is harder to be good at AND the top times are unreachable.
Today I am still playing Escape for fun and progress. And this last point if facilitated thanks to top players going on playing escape.

They will leave one day if there is no new challenge (new maps also but this is over)
You have maybe internal stats showing that the player base is decreasing (at least it seems so)

This will be my last request for this (I am not « monomaniac » and of course other things to do … like having fun with escape)

Please @TC_Sera could you give us some hope on this ?
Btw : well-done for Op7 great contents.

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Bring back skin rewards.

It’s been ignored without response plenty of times already… plus they also stealth-fixed meatshields without announcement (I did explain it to Shauny back then though that it should be fixed).

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I wouldn’t give up just yet. It may still happen with Op8 once the game is in it’s final state. TC already stated there won’t be a new gears game for quite some time since they are switiching to unreal 5 and resetting the horde and escape leaderboards would give the modes added replay value for the competitively minded. It certainly seems unfair to anyone who wants to challenge for top scores and times to not reset them because, especially in horde’s case, it’s a very different mode from launch.
We will see. TC seemed quite fair about it previously with Gears 4, resetting them after each major update

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I hope you’re right. I fully agree it will bring back interest in escape even for those who already mastered each hive (it is not yet my case).
For horde leaderboard I agree with you although I play horde more for the fun than escape.
Anyways rules have changed a lot and therefore top score needs to be cleaned.
See you in Op8 (more time for training)

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Did anybody check after OP7 drop whether it was reset? I assume not but never say never I guess.

I did not check yesterday during a first (too) short Op7 dive. So we still can hope :crossed_fingers:t2:

Only did 3 venom advanced run with my low level Cole for the 10k CXP reward.
Btw I tested your recommendation to let Tackle on B button. It is doable and requires some practice. At least better than change to RB. I need to test the tournament layout.