Request for clarification: Kills and Eliminataions?

So, I initially thought that they just changed the word kill to be elimination, because of some political correctness nonsense.

But, I see there are tasks for getting 10 kills and other tasks for getting 20 eliminations. What gives?

In my mind the definitions seem interchangeable. If I eliminate someone, they are gone from the game; likewise, if I kill someone, they are gone from the game. No?

I searched the forum and found there was a short K/D/A thread from a month ago, but the difference is still unclear to me.

Is it that you get +1 elimination for a down or a insta-kill?

What if I down someone and they are picked up?.. and I down them again?.. and they get picked up?
Did I just eliminate them twice, but they are still alive? :confused:

Can someone enlighten me? Thanks!

Elims are kills and assists combined. You kill someone, down someone and somebody else takes the kill or if you shoot someone and somebody else gets the kill, you get an elim. Elims also count on horde and escape, same system applies as in versus.

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So, downs have nothing to do with it.

I think the word combined is what was confusing me. It is 2 separate things.

I get +1 Elimination for a Kill.
I get +1 Elimination for an Assist.


Well if you down someone and somebody else takes the kill, that would also be an assist thus an elim. Basically if you get a shot on the enemy and they die before they heal up completely, regardless of how they die, it counts as an elim.

No problem bud.