[Request] 5 stack should not be able to turn crossplay [OFF]

Im begging you guys.[TC] The vast majority of Xbox 5 stacks have crossplay OFF and with the new matchmaking it is near impossible to find matches for us EU PC players.

The purpose of the Matchmaking update was to make it easier for solo players and make it harder for stacks.

I don’t even feel like writing long paragraphs to then let this post be buried under a bunch of ‘where is my skin or blah blah’ .

It is very reasonable for 5 stacks to not be able to turn crossplay OFF. Easier matches for people and allows for more balanced matches because it allows more players with different ranks to find matches.

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The toggle should be gone for Gears 5.

It will support M&K anyway.


my bad I meant for this dead game lol… yeh gears 5 should have a better solution in my opinion

You have no idea how frustrating it can be when playing against a PC player. I don’t do ranked but I hate playing with PC players in horde or against them in versus, because there’s quite an unfair balance in aiming.

If a PC player is ranked as Onyx 2, he will most likely be quite similar to most Onyx 2’s. There’s a reason why there is a ranking system. Aim wise it only matters for snipers and lancers. As a controller player use movement and use lower deadzones to somewhat account for the PC aiming if you feel like you’re at a disadvantage.

by the way I play on both platforms with controller and no problem against mouse and keyboard players in private 5v5 scrims PC only.

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How is aiming unfair?

You still have to do it yourself whatever method or platform…

I don’t disagree with you but let me extend on that. I would like to have the PC emblem that appears removed. It creates a hostility towards a good player that happens to play on PC and causes someone who was open to crossplay to possibly turn it off.

I do as a console player feel like PC players who know what they are doing to have a slight advantage but what you say about similar ranks holds true and I don’t think the slight advantage warrants the ability to turn crossplay off. I don’t mind the challenge of similarly ranked players.

The other thing I have seen though is that the players that remain in the PC community are really talented and Onyx 3 and higher ranked which is another thing that factors into the long matchmaking waits. I do hope in Gears 5 that you guys have an easier time finding matches.


I am totally against Pc vs xbox players. It has better fps and better ping. No matter what I dont like playing against pc players and TC shouldnt change anything about ranked crossplay now in Gears 4 and even in Gears of War 5.

pc players dont have better ping. It may be your connection has higher latency I have around 25ms on EU. Many xbox players also have 5 ping, it has to do with you ISP or connection.

Better fps isn’t a good arguement for this game. The servers are 30 tick and I myself switch between 100 and 60 fps on PC. I play the same. It’s mostly for visuals and easier on your eyes. If we were talking about a game that had higher tickrate above 60, only then 200+fps would make a difference…

This game is also more about how you play and seeing a character a few milliseconds earlier means close to nothing in this game. You should try yourself. Only difference you will see is 30 fps to 60 fps. Going above 60 to 100 won’t give close to as much advantage as 30 to 60fps gives.

Again ,I also play on Xbox sometimes and haven’t had trouble going up against any player on ranked because of their chosen platform.

Noooo! I will not deal with aimbotters on xbox. So they either need to make 5 aimbot proof or leave it how it is with being able to shut it off. I also really dont think crossplay is “fair”. It is alot easier to aim on pc.

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read what was said above about aiming please

I have read and i have played on pc and i find it alot easier to aim. I am more worried about the aimbotters though.

They will definitely have a better anti-cheat for Gears 5.

It’s not easier.

I play on both as well. aimbotters are the only issue for implementing this(5 stacks) . Aiming can be coped with even if you are controller player. This game isn’t all about 100% accuraccy it’s about being able to evade shots and knowing tactics.

For aimbot part, what about us Pc players eho have to play aganst them?

for the last month I haven’t been seeing any EU aimbotters

I haven’t ever seen a EU aimbotter - they always from America’s or Middle East …

I feel bad for you pc guys having to deal with it. That’s why i never really got into pc gaming. There are just too many cheaters . Gears is definitely about tactics, but if you put a 5 stack of pc players vs a 5 stack of console players the pc players are going to win most of the time even if their skill is evenly matched. The extra boost in aiming on pc is just enough to put them on top. I think angryfps or whatever his gt is, is proof of that. Dude hardly ever even pulls out a shotgun. Not trying to put him down, but it shows pc has superior aim.

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I do have an idea because I played this for a year on Xbox, then 6 months with a mouse. People let themselves get psychologically defeated by the pc icon. I see it happen. If my friends see a pc player on the enemy team, every time they die they **** about pc, when when Xbox users kill them.

And, when I’m with my Xbox friends, THEY get hate messages about being on pc when they’re not because the enemy saw a pc icon on the lobby.

Some games have an advantage but this game was designed for a controller and gnasher battles definitely favor controller users. PC users have a better lancer. There’s trade offs. When I was on Xbox I was NEVER intimidated by pc users.

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They have excellent strats and communication. That’s their main advantage. I’ve fought them several times and have clips of me outplaying several of his regulars because they’re not very good in gnasher fights. When you take rounds from them and they get REAL conservative and just build a wall of lancer cross, that’s a tough thing to deal with, but it’s not much different than when good Xbox users work together.

When I fight Angry’s stack is not the PCs that I’m concerned about, it’s that they’re communicating and working together than the people in with.

Ping is not a factor, playing pc vs playing xbox ping isn’t better lol.

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