Reputation: Avoid me

Ok I appologize for the previous rant. I would like to know how to avoid to be placed in rank match with 2 of my teamate who were in a private party who Microsft clearly knew that they were not adequate, since in there own gamer tag there was the caution Rep avoid me. I did block them afterwards…

Blocking them via their gamertag just applies to communication - so if I remember correctly it disables all ability for them to contact you, add you, message you, invites etc. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t affect the likelihood of them being matched with you in matchmaking.


Blocking only works on cumminication as in messages and invites and does not stop you from being paired with said blocked person or people. Theres a chance that you won’t be on their team again by pure luck but they can still game against and with you.

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Blocking avoids the player in gears 4, tested it on Asian servers.

Blocking someone prevents communication but believe me, it doesn’t do much for keeping you out of a match with them. It may make it less likely to happen but I play overnight in the US, when the player pool is smaller and I run across the same 2 or 3 blocked guys that I would pay to block completely if I could…
While you may say that MM has no choice but to put me in a game with them if the player pool is small at 4am, sure, but it still illustrates that blocking doesn’t do much to affect avoiding them.

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