Reporting the usual thing KoTH have a brutal amount of LEAVERS

Reporting like usual “KoTH” mode have a insane amount of leavers since GEARS 4 this is happening and “TC” is ignoring the issue they dont care about this mode at all

Lets see why the people quit so much in KoTH

  • You have to play at least 2 rounds of 8-11 minutes average, so you are stucked the next 20 minutes on a match. TDM, GUARDIAN, QUICK-PLAY matches usually have a duration of 10 minutes. So the playerbase can tolerate that a bit more

  • If is necessary i can do multiple streams to prove KoTH is having a massive amount of leavers. "On overwatch when somebody make a post like this JEFF-KAPLAN come to the topic and show to the people the numbers-stats to prove everything is fine"

  • I suggest MANY times on the past make “Koth one round of 210 capture points, without the capture acceleration” this will give matches of 10 minutes-average.