Reporting for no reason and now suspended

I do not talk on the mic nor reply to other competitors talking sh*t to me and somehow i get suspended. It’s people reporting me after they lose. Do these reports get reviewed because i keep getting suspended over and over again for no reason it’s getting annoying. What’s being done to fix this issue? Nothing seems to be organized with the reporting.

That’s not how it works. Microsoft investigates every report and if they find evidence, then they suspend you. The volume of false reports has NO affect on your ability to play Gears, it will only put you in “avoid me” reputation, which is just a social warning.

If you feel you were unfairly suspended, contact Microsoft’s Xbox Enforcement team and they will tell you exactly why you were suspended.


I have been suspended from Gears for 30 min. Next time it will be an hour. I don’t quit games nor talk to anyone so there should be no reason. It’s ridiculous i have to go through these lengths just to play a game.

They’re two different things. I think you’re on about the suspension from ranked games. Reporting doesn’t get you timed suspension, only the ranking system does.


Then how am i getting suspended if im not leaving any games? makes no sense.

Did you get disconnected or kicked from game?

No, ive been suspended for long periods of time before for getting kicked out due to bad connection. But this time it’s different… i literally got suspended after winning a game and trying to find another. That’s why i thought i got reported or something like that.

Ektope is correct and I’ll add that sometimes you’ll get kicked as soon as you search for a match, and it’ll look like you were suspended for no reason.

One time, I hadn’t played in 2 days and go on, only to be greeted with a 30min suspension. TC is aware of the problem but either can’t or won’t fix it because this has been happening to me for over a year.

Keep in mind that suspensions grow worse the more they happen so try to play when your internet is solid and never quit. That won’t fix the server side disconnects but it should keep suspensions to a minimum.


Yea I find it crazy how its been happening for so long at this point but yet they keep the penalty on. I understand why they implemented it but can’t understand why its there while this problem exist. TC should have removed it months ago until they figured out the problem, I understand most of the team is working on Gears 5 but its kind of a slap in the face to the non quitters


Especially for PC players. My friend gets booted from a match because his computer crashes and then it won’t let him rejoin. He takes a huge hit on his Diamond rank plus he gets suspended from matchmaking for a period of time which stops us from playing at all. The difference between him and quitters is a quitter chose to quit and will just go play Fortnite or FIFA. My friend wanted to play but he’s being penalized for no reason.

Thats exactly what I’ve been talking about for months. I even created a thread about 6 months ago about removing the penalty until TC can figure it out. The penalty doesn’t hurt quitters at all because they’ll just go play another game. It really just hurts people who just wanna play Gears. It’s another 1 of those problems that TC just won’t acknowledge.

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