Reporting cheating and abuse for advantageous purposes

During these days a bug has been discovered in which it consists of repeatedly pressing the pause button while jumping a cover so that this error arises and you can access parts of the map which playing normally cannot. In FB groups this error is being shared since it gives a clear advantage to players who know how to do it, it can be done in versus and horde.

I attach this link in which they promote it

I think @CommanderCH2863 posted a video of this being done the other week, but i cant see this as cheating as u need a host to pause the game therefore these action have no impact in ranked or social matches.

Edit: Changed the tag to correct person.

Negative Ghost Rider. I’ve never done this, let alone posted a video about it.

I do remember seeing someone post the video you’re referencing a while back, but I can’t recall who it was.

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Oh my apologies, i thought it was u.

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If u search kungfu flip u will see it.

And yes theres a search function.

You don’t need to be host though.

Thanks for the report.

TC has been made aware of this issue previously :slight_smile:

Closing thread.