Reported for Cheating… by ALLOWING the other team to WIN!


Just when you think this titles fan base can’t get any more toxic than it already is… people are actually complaining that we ALLOWED them to win the match!

We are two Horde players (ie: non-Versus) going for the Boxes achievements, in particular the extremely luck based “Butt-Crack” cheevo. We could ABSOLUTELY care less about rank and SERIOUSLY don’t plan on ever coming back to this playlist once we get our Boxes achievements completed.

In a nutshell, one of us tries to position himself at a distance to where a few shotgun blasts from an opponent gets him down with the hopes that the other teammate going for the achievement somehow miraculously manages to pull off a kill on the opposing player before our downed teammate eventually gets executed.

So… by that logic, we just gave you an ENORMOUS 2 on 1 advantage along with SEVERELY limiting our success rate at achieving our goals … and yet people STILL find something to complain about and go as far as reporting you for cheating… unbelievable.

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Not sure what exactly happened during said game but to be handed a game can be seen as cheating and is not really playing at all. Better off doing this in a private match unless the achievement does not allow for this but should not head into a ranked match achievement hunting. I don’t think alot of VS players want achievement hunters in the VS match because they don’t play at all or even try to play. If people want to short cut an achievement then fine but when you go into ranked games or whatever you are obligated to play regardless of your skill as well as any VS player that comes into Horde is obligated to follow the class system.

I don’t agree with being reported as cheating but can see the other side none the less. Go on the VS turf then you play VS and same goes for VS players on Horde turf you play Horde.

LOL… hey bud… actually we are not obligated to do anything. Just for the record though, we weren’t exactly just standing in spawn spinning in circles, we were actually playing,… but playing with an objective to get downed, since that was what the achievement was forcing us to do.

We didn’t make these blatantly ridiculous achievements up… that was The Coalition. We paid $100 for this game just like the next man did, it just so happens that we are achievement completionists and we expect to be able to complete what we paid our hard earned money for, it’s not our fault we are forced to play in Ranked versus to get that done. I assure you, had we been able to do it in private mode we would have taken that option rather than being forced to play on servers against people outside our region who have an immediate advantage over us as it is already because of their atrocious ping.

With that being said, in actuality, we are contributing to the success rate of our opponent as we care little about the ranking system they obviously care so much about. It just makes no sense in our eyes to complain about being handed a free gift, which is what happened.

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Lol, that’s beyond ridiculous.

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Hey man not trying to bust chops here or give you the idea that you are wrong just sharing my two cents because thats whats the forums are here for.

Oh no man… I didn’t take it that way at all… and don’t take my reply back as a retaliation either. You were stating things from your perspective and I was stating things from mine.


This right here is my biggest issue. In the off chance my teammate is downed the ability to kill the enemy before they kill my teammate is near 0% chance. Competitive tuning ensures I must be point blank on an enemy that will sponge 3 shots before dying to the 4th. By then my teammate is long dead. Now, if these high pings weren’t given an advantage then it wouldn’t really be an issue but we all know this isn’t the case nor will it ever be. The counter for these laggy players is rifles but you can’t use rifles here so they think they’re God’s when they’re really just average players.

The moment my 13ms ping is behind their 120ms ping is the moment the netcode is proven to be broken. And every time it never fails. I have 3 of these completed so far but once I’m done with it (or even before, depends how I feel) I’ll never touch 2v2 again unless they place strict ping requirements on it.


There are a lot of positives the Coalition has done with this game that seem to be swept under the rug because of the glaring issues the passionate fan base have with the negatives. There are times that I still just wander around a map looking at the time and detail that went into my surroundings and I stop or pause for a moment and say to myself (or even out loud) … DAMN that looks really cool. I won’t lose sight of this fact, but with achievements in general I just can’t personally comprehend the thought process that goes into the decision making when the final list is being decided.

Let me take Boxes as an example. The playlist is created to resemble the Wingman experience. Naturally you want to capitalize on this by luring in people to play the mode. Do you want just the hardcore Versus mode players that this game was intended for or do you also want to attract people who normally wouldn’t touch the playlist in general. The latter is decided upon. Achievements are now created as an incentive to lure people in as a secondary objective. Well… for me and others, it’s a primary objective.

With all the achievements that were submitted in by the community and in-house, deliberated on, voted on, and finally created and implemented, a luck based achievement that relies on favorable circumstances to occur makes the cut over perhaps another achievement that would best suit the playlist’s main focus? That just has me shaking my head wondering… what were they thinking?

Boxes has 2 achievements… a WIN based and a KILLS based achievement. The WINS based achievement is straight forward. The KILLS based achievement is not (when it should have been). Off the top of my head I can easily think of others that would’ve best suited the playlist from a KILLS perspective over the Butt Crack achievement.

50g – Get (XXX) number of Kills on Boxes (Public Only)

50g – Get the first Kill in a round (XXX number of times) on Boxes (Public Only)

50g – Get the final Kill in a round (XXX number of times) on Boxes (Public Only)

50g – As a Colorblast character, get (XXX) number of Kills on Boxes (Public Only)

I can see the hate for this one, but there are positives to it as well. First off, it doesn’t discriminate as there are both COG and Swarm Colorblast varieties so you have a shot each and every time you play since you cannot decide which side you are placed on at the beginning of the match. It would be even better if there was a bounty for a Colorblast character as the bounties for playing as a particular character are blatantly one-sided in favor of the COG. The drawback is, you actually need to have a Colorblast skin, but that is easily rectified with 1,200 scrap (for both COG and Swarm skins) by playing a few matches, earning credits, buying boxes and scrapping everything until you can craft your chosen Colorblast character(s)

I can go on, but it seems I’ve already written a small novel that a few will read anyway… LOL


So, uh… how are you guys gonna get the achievement for winning 25 matches?