Reported for boosting

So this guy is reporting me for boosting on GOWUE. message me: I’m reporting you for boosting. I recorded. I also sent it to twitch coalitions. :joy: I don’t even know what boosting is. Even if I did know what boosting means so what. Maybe I should report you for hiding the entire match and can only get kills by hiding or when no one is paying attention to you. So go ahead, report away. Coalition is not going to do anything about GOWUE. They are working of GOW 5. They don’t care about the past and those games are done. This is probably what is going to happen when coalition sees his twitch and when coalition looks at the small things. They are looking at the now. Oh no that person boosted. what should we do? ehh nothing, we need to concentrate on GOW 5 .Coalition is not coming back to those games.



Is boosting a slang term?

I remember the time on Modern Warfare 2, when people boosted for the nuke killstreak. It was annyoing as hell and Infinity Ward didn’t do anything.

In Gears 4, I only saw boosters in Koth at the very beginning of its life. 8 players capped the hill and broke it again. Capped it and broke it. They ended up having over 30 k points.

The funny thing was. Me and my friend kept killing them and we actually didn’t join the boosting. Afterwards WE got hate messages from them like we were the cheaters but for real they were “cheating”.


I don’t smell innocence. You sound like you’ve something to hide! Why else would you post?




Someone’s getting a wee bit scared…

And how does someone NOT KNOW what “boosting” is? Come on! :joy:


The jury has pronounced the defendant as “guilty”
@GB6_Kazuya, would you be so kind as to lead the accused to their new abode

Perhaps you should also explain to them that I’m their new cellmate and I’m a total pain in the a$$…? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha! Both of you are in a gulag, built by the very people that you supported. Now, you both shall suffer the consequences of a poor economic model.
…And yeah, you are pain…

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:raising_hand_woman: Me, I don’t know what “boosting” is, however, I presume it has to do with cheating. But, I learned what ‘aim bot’ was just a few months ago. Blows my mind people can feel good about winning and themselves after cheating. Oh well, I’ll still play and holler at my tv. LoL!

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Boosting usually involves working with other people to quickly make progress in a game; typically for achievements, leveling, or ranks.

Whether it is legitimate depends on who you ask and the methods involved.


I’m looking at this thread coz I don’t know what boosting is lol. Unless that just means using exploits for xp?

The accused is denied any right to an attorney and may not question the authority of this tribunal