Report option in game when?

Just had a KOTH match with a player on my team that was literally doing nothing but wallbouncing on corners. The enemy team didnt even bother to kill it.

Said player was onix ranked and just wasting a spot on my team. I obv left the match. Why should I waste my points or lose a match because of these kind of people? And they getting away with it and the rest not being able to do something is complete BS.

We need a report feature in game asap.

I thought there was a reporting feature in the game already in the Social tab… granted, it’s not the most convenient but it’s there if I’m not completely off on things.

Isnt it the xbox report feature that does nothing? We need something accesible in game that could at least give a temporal ban or blacklist the player.

Yes. You can always report a player.

What happened here was OP left leaving the team two men down.

Sounds like a ranked quit.

Enjoy your penalty. You earned it.

Report next time and continue playing.

2 players left before me so :stuck_out_tongue:

Then there will eventually be an option to quit without penalty.

At that point it’s fair game.

No, I meant going into the pause menu, pressing RT to pull up the Social tab to see players in the match, going on the GT of the concerned player and hitting the report function.

I would provide a screenshot but do not have one readily available. I also asked whether this in-game reporting is just linked to XBLs, or directly goes to TC. I’ve not yet received a response, however.

Directly to TC would be more convenient tbh, punished for what they do in game, not from xbox live as a whole. A lot of players in here had said that the current option does nothing.

Any video evidence is extremely helpful

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Will consider it next time, thanks

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No worries :slight_smile:

I found more of these players on Ranked KotH.

2 times players with silver or above ranks just wallbouncing or moving only to avoid idle kick, 1 of them was running from 1 spawn to another to pick up Boltok and doing reloads (Blood drive)

Funny enough… this happened on KOTH and Blood Drive