Replace the live hammerburst with the SFv2 tuned one

So after really enjoying Stay Frosty and playing with a HB that actually works as it was intended I think it should be buffed on live to the same tuning, people might actually use it then, obviously it would need to stay as a pick up but I’d be happy with that.

Constructive thoughts anyone?

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Feel like it’d be way too over powered as basically an active from that thing is a 1 shot to the head

I think it’s 1.2 burst to head ATM, but I do see your point, maybe 1.7 to head then?

It absolutely needs a buff now it’s been reduced to a pick up, hardly anyone uses it, something closer to the SF variant would make loosing it more reasonable

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It’s already an amazing weapon as is. It’s perfect where it’s at. In fact, it’s overpowered with actives and the fire rate shouldn’t be increased with actives.

Example of why it’s fine:


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It would be too overpowered with the Stay Frosty damage on normal tunings, but I’m all for it returning as a normal load out weapon. It should never have been removed.

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