*repeatably slams head on table*

Don’t ask me where I came up with that number either. I just typed it out of nowhere


Pretty much.

And in the games we were in yesterday it happened a few times while many of us had limited time to play.

Those that get booted get banned. Those that leave are not penalized. How is that system acceptable?


The game should recognise that you didn’t load into the map and thus not ban you because the severs messed up pre-game.

A quick check would suffice.

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Let me just add indisputable proof that these false suspensions are occurring…



thank you for posting this …it boggles my freaking mind that not only has has not been fixed they have increased the punishment when you get kicked from their server!

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Sadly, nothing will come of this. But I did want to voice the frustration for those of us who have been negatively effected by the current penalty system

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It’s not exactly a trick since it’s pretty easy to figure out when you really think about it.

Reminds me of Microsoft’s current crappy enforcement system on Xbox one where people who purposely trash talk through text whether it be PC or Xbox then instigate people so they say something back just to get reported and then getting unfairly banned for communications while the other guy who purposely causes trouble walks away free with no punishment whatsoever. :expressionless:

That describes @Krylon_Blue quite well actually :joy:

To be fair I only go into game chat and tell them that their connection is terrible. They respond back in text calling me tons of names. Lol

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Dashboard? He means Desktop right (If it IS on PC)

I think he is referring to the keyboard

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They keep saying we hear your feedback about quit penalties, hear your feedback about matchmaking etc…

TC, how about hearing our feedback about the massive problems that are alluded to in this thread? It’s very much selective hearing on their part. You were warned many, many times about the risks and problems with your quit penalty system and yet you refuse to properly address it.

It boils down to, fix your self censored game and you know, people might not need to quit. Gears then wouldn’t have the bad reputation in the online community it sadly does.

I know I’m tempting fate here… but neither I or anyone I play with has been randomly kicked by the servers in quite some time. Months.

It used to be a daily thing for us on the west coast servers.

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I was getting banned a few times a month for awhile but now it’s mostly just an infinite loop of dissolving lobbies.

Video proof for posterity.

Season 4 instance:

Season 5 instance:


Just when u think this game couldnt get anymore Stupid and Ridiculous…Enter Infinite Penalty Hell, as if the mass online communitiy dosent already have enough resentment for purchasing this 3.5 star rated game. Fix the Server issues and the god awful mechaninics & weapon tuning and players wont quit matches. Salty Devs

Hello I noticed you mentioned weapon tunings can you go into more detail about your tuning observations? I am very interested

yea i hate when this happens im loading in a road goes by then the game goes out and everyone playing says its over doesnt rejoin match and then you try to go again and you get a 15 min ban im like how the hole server died and its my fault smh and i never lag out of any game my ping is always at like 5 to 38 max and im hardwired always evey game or platform i play on pc xbox ps4 switch etc.

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I literally get banned every few hours i play, for this ■■■■. Join match connection drops and then banned cant join match back. These bans range from 30 min to 3 hours. Seriously the most enraging thing ever. So pissed