Repair Gun Skins Please


Where are the skins for repairs guns?

A lot of us have many days worth of time played as engineer and would appreciate repair gun skins. Makes it more fun. Will buy.


I guess the Repair Tool is kinda like the MK2 Lancer in which the weapon isn’t accounted for.
But yes, skins for the Repair Tool would be cool.


this would imply people want to play engineer
damn what if the reason no one plays engineer is because the repair tool doesn’t have a skin?

Hey! I like playing engineer! :stuck_out_tongue: I should play it more often but when I see loads of high levels in the lobby I feel I don’t want to let them down if I’m not good enough yet, I also just don’t like the horrible clunking sound when repairing something at full health

A new skin would be pretty cool though


Only one way to find out

Hammer of Dawn skins first.

Get me some damn mulcher, salvo and tri shot skins whilst we are at it :sunglasses:

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Haven’t played Engineer in a while, can the repair tool be seen in your holster like every other sidearm?

If so then yes a skin for it would be nice

Yeah they can.
A few skins wouldn’t hurt, I like being an engineer.

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Hammer of dawn gun first

Where the heck is it?

In a good games.

But seriously, TC is so afraid to put it somewhere else than campaign for so ■■■■■■■ long it’s not even funny.
Its like a there is an actual live HoD satellite above their HQ ready to fire if they put it in MP and Horde.