Repair cost perk

Hi everyone.

Was wondering if anyone had done some math on the repair cost perk for engys. If it’s worth it.

I’m pretty sure it isn’t for Robotic expert when you got the precision kills. Altho I like to put maybe around 2-3 points to help maybe with taps and destroyed fortications. But pretty sure maxing it isn’t worth it.

As a Mechanic, and probably similar for Architect, it’s most often the perk I max first so that it pays out quickly and long term. But I haven’t done any math if it’s truly worth it.

So, anyone made some calculations or have opinions on the matter?

Thanks in advance for your input.

In short, I only perk Repair Costs as Mechanic once Energy is no longer a factor in the game (like Wave 25+) there’s plenty and I’d rather keep Energy levels “low” instead of having plenty in the Fabricator because usually that’s when randoms start purchasing Centinels.

The important thing in my long post is that I only perk less-usable-stuff (like Repair Costs) so I don’t carry lots of energy with me and instead use the Fabricator energy for barriers so nobody sees Fabricator as having a ton of energy and decide they need their own Centinels.

Personally, as you say, it is NOT worth it for the Robotic Expert. Unless someone does the math and it’s worth only for the Power Taps, that I don’t think it will be worth it.

About other classes, I use Mechanic, IMO it’s best to keep getting barriers / lockers / forge (if using Jack that likes to Forge in the team) and having base 100% set before going for perks. One barrier, for example, would make a bigger difference than having like 10% cheaper repairs or 10% more health.

I only perk stuff (as Mechanic) in full 50-wave games, and only after like Wave 15 or something. When base is set, everyone has their locker out.

Now talking about specifically perking Repair Cost. I only do so if there’s plenty of energy in the fabricator, which happens like after everyone has perked up or if there’s a Demolitions (I’ve seen they only perk Ult Cooldown. Personally I perk that and go back to depositing even if Engi says otherwise. Rest of perks after wave 30+) then I as Mechanic use whatever energy I have on me to perk whatever, then use the energy in the fabricator for tangible stuff (like more barriers or sentries placed at the back of the base).

Reasons being that, if I’ll spend energy I’d rather spend what’s in the Fabricator so nobody else goes and starts buying Sentries…

it’s not worth it on any Engineer.

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