Removing squads on TDM is lazy and hypocritical

Just because you remove stacked squads on TDM doesn’t fix anything it just makes it to where you can’t play with friends.Matchmaking is the problem and removing stacks is not a fix.How can people that don’t even care about TDM complain about how unbearable it is to play against stacks when it’s exactly the same experience you get playing against stacks on any other game mode.Keyword is TEAM not SOLO.Why are they using TDM as a guinea pig to test everything like 4v4 and solo /duos only.They didn’t even put it in the developer’s playlist they just surprised us in op 4.To all loyal TDM players we are removing TDM ranked to start op 4 your welcome.Then a couple of weeks later,TDM ranked is back by popular demand,to make it even better you can only play with one friend.FIX TDM MATCHMAKING AND RETURN PARTIES.5v5.By the way I play TDM RANKED with 4 of my kids on the weekends.We call it gears family night.Thanks for taking what we have done on the weekends since Gears 4 away.


I really don’t get the argument about FFA for solo players. Sure, you CAN play FFA as a solo player, it at the same time you CAN play any other mode beside TDM as a party. KOTH is the most popular ranked mode anyway, so just stay there if you really absolutely must play with a party of 5 each and every time.

Not to mention that, statistically, you’re far less likely to win an FFA match than a 5v5 or 4v4 game, and that the huge majority of players on any given online game are solo queues or doubles.

Also why are you assuming that because people complain about stacked teams in TDM, that they don’t complain about it on other modes?

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I would argue that it’s not exactly the same experience in other modes. TDM is arguably the one game mode that benefits the MOST from playing as a stack and communicating. It’s comparatively EASY to win a TDM match stacked up with some simple communication/strats. It’s stupid easy. Easier than other game modes.

It’s a casual game mode IMO.

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All over this forum I have seen people petition TC to change the game to solve problems for them which they are too deficient to solve for themselves. Nerf mongers are the most offensive to me but this is ostensibly a nerf of the squad for somebody that either didn’t know how or was too lazy to use the “Looking for Group” feature of Xbox.
There are numerous ways to get where you want in gaming these days. The gamer specific ways involve finding answers that you can apply on your own. The politician’s way of begging the governance of the 0’s and 1’s to change to suit their selfish desires is another.
I myself do hate getting annihilated by stacks but my answer is to not play versus BUT if I did then I’d wade into the looking for group and form a stack of my own because I don’t need TC to hold my hand and hurt multitudes of other plays just so my narcissistic self could be happy.
I’m sorry dude. Politicians suck. They should be nerfed or banned :laughing:

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Don’t care for any other game modes especially koth.TDM is what me and my kids been playing since gears 4.FFA you get pts no matter what place your in.If you can stay in top 4 place you will progress up in your tier.In TDM if you lose you get 0pts.Once you get to onyx the entry fee is 1500 pts. Pretty much you lose you go down.Max pts is 900 for 30 eliminations which in onyx you still lose pts for a loss.How can you win consistently when your forced to play with radoms?And even if your a great player getting 30 eliminations a match your never going to make it out of onyx unless you win every match.


Ima diamond player stuck at diamond at the mercy of randoms…

3rd player afk for 2 rounds …

4th player tried but couldn’t overcome the 3v4.

Gold players shouldn’t be matched with a diamond… our gp hit isn’t the same… they can go afk at any moment & not lose any real gp , while I lose it all…


If you can win enough games with randoms to get to high Onyx ranks (and therefore be matched with other Onyx players) then you can win one or two more games to make it into Diamond, even if you lose some in between. It sounds like you just want easy wins.

You’re playing in a party, against a party. That’s why the rank disparity exists. You’re diamond and your friend is gold or bronze (hard to tell on mobile), so the game is going to search within those parameters. It looks like the other team is mostly silver or onyx (again hard to see), so it’s working as intended.

My friends an onyx 2 & I respectfully don’t accept that answer.

I worked my butt off to get decent teammates.

Golds with a diamond is terrible.

They lose no gp if they lose while I lose 3x their gp.

Every gold I played with doesn’t care or goes afk. They’re gold for a reason.

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I don’t care if you accept the answer or not, it’s the answer. Your friend is Onyx, and Onyx can be matched with Gold per the matchmaking system. Ergo, you may play with people who are Gold. Conversely you may also play against all Diamonds, it depends on the rank of the people in the party and if there’s a party present at all.

You won’t have an “accurate” Libby, for lack of a better term, unless everyone is solo queued. Parties throw off the algorithm for ranked matchmaking and make it harder to quantify skill and points, and always have since the dawn of online gaming.

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They need to do better.

Might as well let me squad up if I’m going to get gold players that don’t even try to win.

This is exactly why people are quitting the game.

Just need to let people squad up so we can stop complaining about randoms.

I hated squads in king because it was lancerville so they make duo for Tdm…

I don’t get them sometimes…

Rather wait 4-5 minutes to get decent teammates that care…

People making 5man parties would only make the problem of inconsistent ranks worse. 2 bronze, 2 gold and a diamond vs 2 diamonds and 3 onyx, or something else stupid like that.

Keeping party sizes smaller makes the ranks in the lobby more consistent, which itself would theoretically make the experience with randoms at least somewhat more consistent.

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But if you party with low levels you at least expect that possibility.

You can’t argue with these people they just talk out of their booty hole all day about gears rather than play it competitively. They don’t even bother to get diamond or master in any game mode but they think their opinion matters about ranked. How could they know the suffering of minus 1700 points due to horrible randoms that self proclaim to be solo gods.

They never put their money where their mouth is. A bunch of bums who cry and want a free ride to the top by killing a bunch of uncoordinated idiots like themselves. TC is just like the welfare politicians give haha perfect analogy.


We complain because we don’t want the system to be broken just like you. We are all tired of being matched with players that are not near our skill level. Meaning all the lower ranked players are fed up with playing against sweaty diamonds and masters that team with silvers and golds.

The point of ranked modes in gears of war games is to play matches against similarly skilled players. Reaching masters or diamond should never be the point of the ranking system. This is the problem that TC and the cry babies that whined about not being diamonds in 4 or masters in 5 created.

The point of the ranking system should have always been to assess a players individual skill level. It never should have been shown to the players and it should have definately never been based on winning the match.

There should be no rewards for your rank because your rank is only there to find you players close to your skill level. The progression reup system should be the only system that gives rewards for your level of reups.

No one ever saw their rank in 3 and nobody ever complained about not being ranked where they thought they should. I tried to tell them this at the end of 4 before the release of 5 but do you think they listened to the one guy that actually plays ranked to be matched against fair opposition.

No they listened to the thousands of complaints from sweaty onyx and diamonds that would only play long enough to get diamond then stop so they would not lose their precious diamond rank. Meanwhile those same players would make alternate smurf accounts and team up with lower ranked players for easy wins. There where even some people that tried to sell their skills on eBay saying that they would get diamond skins for people for money plus access to your account.

I met a guy on this very forum bragging about how he carried his girlfriend to Diamond with his multiple smurf accounts. Then cried because he didn’t get his diamond skins.

Players like these are the reason you guys can’t team up with your friends anymore in ranked TDM. Every other online game mode except FFA let’s you team with up to 4 people. If sweating in a stack is a must for people why can’t they play those other game modes? Is it perhaps that even stacking in a 5 stack they can’t get diamond or masters in those other game modes?

I am ranked almost in the middle of the pack and could care less if I ever get ranked diamond or masters. Onyx solo working with the team as much as possible is where I see my skill level in TDM. I try to stay alive as my main goal and never push alone because the point of the mode is team work after all.

I just want to be matched against other onyx and gold players and with this system it seems to be doing that on a much more regular basis. This may suck for those previously higher ranked players that exclusively played in stacks because they can’t keep the rank they previously held.

Stacking and getting easy wins in a broken system that matched players not on individual skill but total team skill was not how the system should be working. This new system is slightly better but is still based solely on winning matches after onyx rank.

They should change the GP system like I keep suggesting so that players can earn back the entry fee no matter what rank you are. The cap on GP should be higher than the entry fee for masters matches or the entry fee needs to be lowered by at least 500 GP, probably more. This way higher ranks that get put with lower ranked teammates can earn at least most if not all of the entry fee back.


At that point it’s your own fault, not the game or TC’s.

I’ve never understood why people cry sooo much about playing stacks in a fkng TEAM BASED GAME!!!

Here’s the solution…get some friends…if you have none, maybe a personality switch up is in order to then help you get some friends.

or just stop crying like a ■■■■■ and play something else.


How is it my fault for wanting better match making?

What’s your highest rank in tdm currently & then you can feel my pain.

If I can’t squad up at least set your guy up with good quality matchmaking.

Not this BS 2 below or 2 above.

Rather 2below tier & w above tier would be proper.

As In I’m diamond I should pair up with onyx2 or diamond 3.

I’m willing to wait. & if I lose at least I know we were all trying to win…

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This is the mentality that got us into this mess in the first place. I’ve have told countless people that the system is to match players against close to the same skill level. It is not about how high of a rank you can get. It is supposed to be about your skill not your teams skill.

Why does it matter to you so much that your rank keeps getting bumped back down? Is a masters skin and some gears coins really that important to you? If that is the case the maybe they should take away rewards for people’s rank.

This current system is once again all about winning games and not about a players skill level. The system is and was flawed from the beginning.

I and many others tried to tell them that the gears 4 system worked fine and that a few changes on presentation to the player in game was all that was needed. Things like telling people what actually counts towards rank and maybe a graph of some kind showing how your rank was being tracked in the background.

Did they listen to us that actually want the system to function? No they listened to the complaints from people that covet some meaningless reward weapon skin and shoved these two piles of junk out the door as fast as they could to make all those skin junkies happy.

These are not real ranking systems they are how many wins can you get systems. I think the first system in 5 was an attempt at my earlier suggestion but people didn’t understand the numbers so the complaints rolled in plus they royally messed it up from the very beginning.

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this isn’t a thing TC can fix. if the players aren’t there then what is supposed to happen?

unless Microsoft goes free-to-play with Gears5 then this population issue will remain.

really what needs to happen is a de-emphasis on Ranked and a return to TrueSkill matchmaking (with quit penalties, map voting, lobbies, no bots, player backfilling), gears 3 basically