Removed mode and mandatory Crossplay

already remove classic koth, veteran and historical mode by now of gears, it makes no sense, moreover there is no balance for me between console and pc, other than simple framerate there are many other considerable differences between pc / xbox players, and disable the possibility to exclude crossplay is absolutely not fair towards those who buy an xbox and force them to play against pc, from this operation 7 has become unplayable, me and all my friends have decided not to play it anymore and so will many other people who still do she didn’t express herself and maybe she won’t, but she just quits the game and stop … gears 5 ruined for all the average gamers who buy an xbox !!!



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Another Thread complains PC vs Xbox, usually people who are New and Join in Forum for just complaining the Crossplay Section.

Give some Points to Prove you’re unplayable or if there’s only 1 Guy creating Multi Accounts on Complaining the PC players

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no multi profile poer complain, i play gears 2 with this profile, i’m playing even now and i’m online go ahead and see, i repeat, it is not comparable a pc to an xbox


People are creating accounts to complain for the 1st time since this is the first time the game has been in such a bad state. My motivation for posting on the forums too is about the operation 7 changes which have ruined the game. We all played before and a lot of people won’t be playing anymore. The player base will seriously decrease since crossplay has been enabled and since the playlists changes and tuning changes. The game is far less enjoyable and this free to play weekend will be ruined by this awful operation.


Let’s see what TC going to speak about Crossplay.

I’m no doubt there’s won’t be an Change in it, so probably you can play Gears 3 or 4.

Xbox gamers can’t compete with 240hz monitors and massive gaming rigs… I’ve been playing for years and this is one of the worst things they done since gears judgement… looks like it’s for pc only gamers now… REMOVE MANDITORY CROSS PLAY… there is a reason most console players turn that crap off.


Remember when everyone was mad about tuning? Similar vibe.

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Yeah the reason is called “Ignorance” and “Fear”.

No frame rate matters, ask nvida or amd… education helps…

in fact I specified that the problem does not concern the framerates, but other factors such as imput lag and hardware more specific for the pc

At the end of the day, put the option back in. Those that don’t want it on can turn it off… give the gamers the choice. If it’s not a big deal then there is nothing to worry about it being turned off. But if 40 percent of players are turning it off, then it’s obviously for a reason and maybe players on console notice something that others don’t.


they are doing it now that the game is dying. why didnt they do it before?

if they are going to listen to what their community wants, they will give these options back - koth in ranked/comp and option for crossplay

maybe if you have crossplay on you get an incentive but at least not make it mandatory

i personally dont care about cross play either way but i do want koth back in with control, no need to remove either mode

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I play on the original Xbox one on an old tc, I think a 2005 Dynex blue ray . PC isn’t that strong at all.

Some rare ones but I’ve beaten a lot of pc players despite having old equipment- which I’m attached to.

I’m the type of person where if it’s not broken it doesn’t need to be fixed or updated.

Could buy the fanciest equipment but 8+ years of martial arts has humbled me beyond belief.

To the point, pc is not as scary as everyone makes it seem.

You’re gonna lose you’re gonna lose.

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Still selling Paragraphs here!

Your point is valid. especially since alot of people seem to overestimate which PCs people sport.

A few months back I saw a review of Cyberpunk 2077 where the reviewer mentioned he played it on a 970gtx.
I mean that is way old hardware and most games still support around the 700 series.
The idea that every PC player sports a rig that can easily do 240 Fps with an according Monitor is beyond funny.


I mean if you’re superior you’re superior.

Occasionally if you’re on the same level - then pc is stronger but you can’t just give up because someone’s stronger.

Have to use your brain & use your ability to counter.

Using strategy wins you more games than being skilled.

Of course you need some degree of skill if someone is just out right better & you want to beat them.

Can’t just be unskilled & really strategic.

Having a stronger frame rate can only help so much.

If Anything this break from gears has taught me is that other games have already implemented cross play & Gears is like 2 games behind the times.


What’s your go to chipotle order?

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What do you mean when? I still am mad about the tuning.

Yep. Likewise, I am pretty much attached to my Xbox One and can’t see myself getting a new one until this one gives up, but I’ve had her since release, and she’s still going strong so the Series X won’t be getting my money for a while lo.

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