Remove the Terminator model from PvP Versus

As the title says, it basically ignores basic silhouette difference between Humans/COGs and The Swarm making him subconsciously identified as more Humanoid rather than smth belonging to The Swarm, thus seeing him with peripheral vision doesn’t raise a red flag, not informing that he’s a threat since his body features aren’t as clearly designated as ‘non-Human’ aka ‘Locust’/‘Swarm’-ish.
Gears isn’t a class-based or a tactical multiplayer shooter where this feature could be implemented to encourage a more sneaky/ ‘stealthy’ approach. In the end, it adds confusion where there really should be none.

UPD: OK, so I feel it’s time to update the original post. First of all, thank you all for your responses, as I believe they are much more important not just to me but to everyone else on forums (except for devs, but more on that later) because multiple POVs is always better right? :))
I do stand for my original point tho, I still think the Terminator doesn’t belong in Versus not just thematically, but gameplay-wise, too. But what can I say, I’m a minority and I’m fine with that.
To all who mentioned Jinn-bot and Shepherds - I know they exist, I know Jinn-bots are the thing in Guardian, I still believe they’re much easily perceptible than Terminator. But again, things are more likely will stay this way, so I don’t care anymore. Even Unreal’s Skaarj could fit into Gears verse much better, or T800 (or other models) could make an interesting (albeit kinda forced) theme collab in Escape, but whatever - this day ads & promotions rule the world, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Gears would feature, say, Dante or Solid Snake some day, who knows… Fanservice galore and stuff.


I always shot him when I’m on swarm. For some reason I can differentiate him when on cog.


Same as above, I shoot them when I am swarm team for some reason

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It would be cool to get a Terminator Leech skin similar to the Rejects, but in all honesty just turn up your brightness. Yes it does have a humanoid silhouette, but none of the COG are all black and there is nothing sneaky about CLANK CLANK CLANK as it walks or roadies.


I agree, there is none - but during some heated gunfights when it’s basically an SFX hell going on his footsteps don’t matter. Especially if someone sneaks on slow walking, and I must admit - it’s a pretty clever thing, however I can’t see how this equals ‘fun’ in Versus that’s not esports.
Those preciouls msecs of (not) recognizing often cost a frag. Not to mention how important almost immediate reaction is, especially when constant ‘me vs. 5 pros’ scenarios are in play. It’s not a problem of brightness, it’s a matter of perception & reaction.
Basically, to me it just gives yet another advantage to pro-ish players while I wish Gears would cater to more casual gamers in PvP Versus instead. I believe the game is already too hard to master in Gnasher field, also matchmaking doesn’t help - and now this, T800 acting as kinda ‘infiltrator’.


Eh I seem to play against or with at least 1 or 2 terminators a game, I’m sure you’ll get use to it sooner or later. I personally wouldn’t say it gives any advantages, also people will be livid to hear you say anything about “catering to casuals” but don’t mind them. In my first few games of Gears 5 I had the same problem of differentiating between COG and the T-800 but now it’s a non-issue. All about adapting or something like that

Do what I do, when In doubt I fire. I have often done a 90,degree turn or 180 and fired on a friendly because I saw them out of the corner of my eye or heard them.


Terminator kicking your a$$? lolz!


Yeah, they need to go. I´m pretty annoyed by them too…And I love Terminator as a franchise!

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sounds like its a “mad cause bad” situation here

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The real question is, when do we get to play as Barney and how big is his hit box going to be?


If you’re looking for fun dont play ranked. Its all about the competition in ranked. Anyone will seek the advantage, even if it means using different skins for stealth or smaller hit boxes.

I spam tac com throughout the match. I never confuse enemy from teammate this way. It’s second nature now and I don’t even think about it.

My wife says she feels like she’s gonna have a seizure when she watches me play.

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The hitboxes are supposed to be the same for all characters.

Which i also disagree with. Shouldnt be the same per skin, causes bs game footage like you’ll see all over youtube. If its a bigger skin and you get hit in the shoulder that should count, if you’re a smaller skin and get hit in the air where a bigger shoulder would be, that shouldn’t count.

Please remove both Terminator and Sarah Conner from the game. There is more Terminator and Halo in this game then there is gears of war currently and that is not good. Where the hell are more character models related to this game, and skins to unlock is that extremely difficult? Didn’t seem to be for all these rock star energy drink lancers i got. Did they pay you do do that, is there any of your own content coming? Or is it only going to be the ingame fortnite store?


I have no problem with the Terminator I highly doubt he will get removed he is used the most for the Swarm

If i have to keep hearing Sarah Conners ■■■■■■■ voice im going to go nuts.
Please atleast make Sarah Conner a Mute, or better yet add an entire volume control in the audio section “Sarah conners voice” 0-100" Please.

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Then it pretty much makes bigger skins useless for competitive play.

Everyone would be running around with a kait.

That would be dumb.


Umm… I know, re-check the original post - there’s no word ‘ranked’ in there 'cause I meant PvP Versus as a whole, including both Ranked and PvP Quickplay.
UPD: Ah, if you were referring to my second posting in reply to @ BuddiesBusch - then my point applies there as well, I was talking about PvP in general, be it Ranked or not. I mentioned esports there to make it clear how I can’t see provoking sneaky T800’s ‘infiltrator in disguise’ features appropriate in the game’s PvP mode.
Basically, what I’m saying is: leave this hardcore stuff to esports events and pro gamers, those shouldn’t be mixed with G5 PvP by any means even in Ranked playlists. When I enter Ranked I still play Gears5 Multiplayer, I’m not participating in an esports event, I’m not playing against people who plays G5 competitively on a professional level.
At least I should not be put in such circumstances.