Remove the mantle counter please

I get that some people love the counter, but I think it’s really unfair. The person in cover has the advantage, so if I push him and go for the mantle kick, he can shoot me, he can slide over or he can step back. All of those put me in the disadvantage and he can kill me easily if I miss the mantle. So why does that person have all of those options AND is able to counter me if I land the kick. Diamond 4 last season, diamond again this season so I’m decent at the game but lately I’m getting countered really often. Everyone has figured it out, and it’s very easy to counter now. So what’s the point of kicking people if they’re gonna land the counter a high percentage of the time because they’re used to the timer now? I believe its difficult enough to rush a team and land a kick so why not reward it? If you want to keep it, can we at least make it harder to land? Maybe add 2 buttons to choose from? Or not allow people to spam the counter button, like if they press it too early, automatically loose the opportunity. Just my thought for the night? Any suggestions? (Other than git gud lol)

Well there are folks on the other side of that coin who want the mantle kick out of the game. I personally disapprove of the whole thing. But all my spite can probably be attributed to the lag associated with it rather than the mechanic itself. I point blank them beforehand and nothing. Sometimes the B button doesn’t work. I’ve been vault kicked before when the B button didn’t even show up on screen.

It’s always been my belief that it takes pretty good reaction time and a bit of luck to B button the mantle kick. If there’s a trick that works most every time then I haven’t figured it out.

My counter is more often than not just getting tf out of the way before they have the chance OR gibbing them.

Spamming the B button doesn’t work well for me because then I end up meleeing my way out of cover.

thats the risk your taking by going for the mantle. If they remove the mantle block then they should remove the automatic chainsaw battles also.

Also its easier to pull someone over cover than to mantle kick but both have a risk reward

Just imagine if there was a separate execution animation if someone vaults over a cover at you and you’re there waiting with the chainsaw out.

I just don’t know why they still have it honestly. Or even put it in for that matter. The characters move so fast during cover that it’s ridiculously easy to counter someone who’s in cover. The mantle is not even viable on any circumstance unless it’s a 1v1 situation.