Remove shot delay / add tighter lt spreads

Remove shot delay out of this game , it doesn’t need to be there .

It makes the game so unresponsive and sometimes your bullets don’t even come out after pressing the trigger .

The removal of the delay would bring back a lot of players and would make the game a lot more playable

Also when I pop shot or hard aim , my shotgun spread shouldn’t get bigger .

You should be rewarded for placed shots with accuracy.

Yeah I would like to know the rationale they used to enlarge the ADS Gnasher spread.

I sort of see it both ways. On one hand, you’d think that generally speaking, it’s easier to land a shot when hard aiming.

On the other hand, it’s more difficult to land a shot hard aiming when you’re in the middle of a CQC fight where there’s a lot of bouncing going on. In GOW4 Core tuning, hard aiming gave a tighter spread than hip firing, and I figured it was probably for this reason. But now I don’t know. I think they like to change things for the sake of changing things.

You just don’t get rewarded placing good shots on players ,
Your reticle can be perfectly lined up on a target yet you get less pellets .
Hip fire shots should have the wider spread than a aimed in shot imo.

Always hated this. Hope they make pop shots great again in the next title.

The shotgun should have a consistent spread that is unaffected by position, movement, hard aim/hip fire, or anything else. Reduce (or remove, I’d be cool with that too) the magnetism to compensate for the increased consistency. It’s a real simple balancing act. Whatever the aim assist level the Gnasher gets, it too should be completely consistent across all actions.

Hipfire/hard aim should only change the shot so far as the origin of the shot is changed because the model of the gun has moved.

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I personally found operation 4/early 5 had the best shotgun to date also with fast movement too. Yeah you got a 99% sometimes but it was rarer than what it is currently.

Now it’s literally back to 84% again as the gib range is just so random now .

I personally don’t think you need aim assist in a gears game .

If you land pop shots with accuracy you should be rewarded for it .
Also If the movement was faster again along with no delays , the skill gap would increase more as it’s more skillful to move faster and hit shots .

The current tuning doesn’t reward a player thinking ahead . Due to adding delays in shooting , swapping weapons etc . Along with a slow starting slide speed so your easy to hit from a hit fired shot .

I’m sorry, but there is nothing that would bring back any players. Gears 5 is long gone, sadly

Lol, yeah… For versus, anyway… Personally i gave up on G5 versus about 1.5-2 years ago…

Horde can be all right…

Honestly, it’s too late already. You might has well just wait till gow 6 comes out. No changes are going to be made at this point.

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