Remove my crossplay restriction when I start my game with controller and disable keyboard usage please

I’ve turned it off because of hackers. For the first two months, it was on and everything was cool. Then i ran into the 2 same guys every night for one week, cheating aimbot, As i never quit a game, i had to wait everytime for 10min for the match to end (if those guys cap a ring… sometimes they don’t). After one week and a lot of time lost, i had enough, i turned it off.
Of course i took videos and tried to expose them, but nobody (here) seemed to care. So i’ve turned it off, i don’t have time to waste.

i agree. same with me

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It still wouldn’t be fair considering your ping/fps but I feel you… :frowning:

Keyboard and Mouse for Xbox One has finally been officially confirmed (after years of rumors)!!

Hoping this brings good news for Gears 5, and possibly Gears 4 but I know that’s a bit of s tretch.

Unless TC takes a stance like Rare does with SoT, I wouldn’t put my hopes up too strongly.

Microsoft also stated that it’s up to the developer if they will implement this feature in their games. Unless The Coalition backtracks from their decision to disable crossplay due to the input differences I doubt you’ll be seeing KB/Mouse support on console. I’d actually bet most shooters wouldn’t see support but if they did I would also assume there would be a input toggle to avoid these players. I mostly see this feature being used for navigating applications and RTS style games.

What does playing on pc have to do with ping…?

I think that there are ways to avoid cheats in pc (force play with controller, install anticheats program, etc). For example, R6 has, Fortnite has. Fortnite has a cross game and everyone is happy. We have it and we are not happy. Why? Microsoft and TC have to redirect the situation. If a game is Play Anywhere the cross game must be activated. But they do not want to fix it. They prefer to allow a separation of communities.