Remove my crossplay restriction when I start my game with controller and disable keyboard usage please

Yeah, I’m actually ranked 75th right now in north america in rainbow six siege!

Some fun people I’ve gotten to play with:

And my favorite clip from my play with famous players:

And a bonus gears snipe from last night!

Dude, come on, unless there is a clip which I missed (possible) Landon expressed doubt about two ulta quick makza headshots, where you got lucky (unless it was that God-like skill together with NASA powered hardware which allowed you to do purposly get two headshot kills about 0.15s apart).

Given the flukish nature of those shots, and the fact that PC aim hacks ARE available, and that you WERE playing on a PC, it was not unreasonable to think “hmmmm”.

He just didnt know you are a seige and ow God, who got lucky on two shots…

bring keyboard and mouse to xbox and get rid of cross play turn off mechanism, to force these whiny crybabys out of their ancient hardware. evolve with technolodgy noobs

That’s one of the most ignorant statements I’ve ever heard. Just because you like using a keyboard and mouse while sitting in front of a desk doesn’t mean everyone does. If there’s an advantage with a certain input then it shouldn’t be allowed. Consoles have always been played with a controller and if you don’t like it then continue to play on PC. If you fail to find matches with your preferred input method it’s really tough luck. I play with crossplay off unless I’m playing with PC buddies and I know why. Yesterday we left a lobby before it started because two of the players on the enemy team were well documented modders who use aim bots. I’m on console to avoid these players and shouldn’t have to quit out and risk a ban or just suck it up.


turns crossplay off

Have fun with all that amazing hardware and nobody to play with you salty s***bag :+1:


I also don’t know what technoloDgy is.

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I’m guessing he just got overexcited just thinking of his tech and couldn’t help but slip a D in real quick. :wink:



Naw man , its a weapon of choice in war you dont complain what weapon the enemy has , if someone is being lazy and doesnt wanna use the best option thats on them, it doesnt mean entire communities should be split for it, because think about how many people are already using the keyboard and mouse on the xbox and have cross play off to take advantage of the people that dont know mouse and keyboard already exists on the xbox with the xim4 and tac pro and razer thats coming out. I have a couple of people that were diamonds laughing at how easy it is to get kills with cross play off and using keyboard and mouse and they were diamonds. Just let everyone play with eachother and remove the cheats. Microsoft even said theyre just gonna release mouse and keyboard on the xbox to end all of this, all this cross play separation is just dumb. People will always figure out how to make the mouse mimick a controller and they will always use it. And now i see your complaining about high tech, which the xbox will soon have the highest fps possible 240fps which no monitor has higher than that… so there really is no excuse not to remove cross play. Hardware upgrades fortunately are the easiest thing to fix. And dont worry microsoft will figure out how to give you guys 240fps… and even if they didnt , again do you think entire communities should be split just because someone doesnt wanna spend $2000 and spend $500 … is $1500 worth ENTIRE communities to be split? With $2000 with you can buy a gtx1080ti computer that gives you that 240fps which the max refresh rate for monitors on the market right now. And any dedicated gamer should get that if theyre serious but it doesnt mean they should be sitting in lobbies alone and booted out of every lobby. Regardless, the new 2080ti is coming out so getting 240fps is getting even cheaper now, and also the new xbox is gonna have it soon anyway, just remove this cross play off nonesense and let us all play… i personally have been playing 60fps 720p on my laptop on the pc and have no problem destroying 240fps gamers … the only people that frustrate me are the ping hackers and botters which can simply be stopped with scripts that player unknown battle ground has easily been stopping . That game freaking takesover your entire computer and sees every app and eevrything running in the back ground and detects every cheat and bot… which is exactly what gears should do

I don’t complain about weapons because they have a counter. But there is no counter for cheaters and better accuracy so that’s why the option is there. You may not like it but this isn’t changing anytime soon so it’s best you suck it up and deal with it. I play with friends that are on PC more often than not without issue but if I’m solo there’s no way I’m turning crossplay on.

As for your $1500 price difference, no thank you. I play very few games as it is and they run fine on Xbox. I’d love the higher frames but not at the increased cost just so I can play 3 franchises? Nah.

but you really think the two communities should be split over just cheater?.. when that can simply be stopped?.. Better yet answer this, If all the cheaters were blocked, would you want the communities to be split up? no right?.. youll have more people to play with … who wouldnt want that…

Yes, because there is more to it than cheaters even if you want to believe differently. Look, if you can’t find matches then you’re doing it wrong. My PC friends can always find matches. Make friends with console gamers if you must. 90% of my matches are with a mixture of PC/ Xbox because we all made friends. You’ll be fine if you do that.

whats more to it than cheaters… please elaborate?.. the new xbox will have 240fps im sure which is the highest refresh rate for the monitors on the market. and you really think entire communities should be split over just frame rates?.. mouse accuracy makes sense to be split over controller, but the mouse is already on the xbox so thats not your issue im sure… so the only thing left has to be frame rates which i dont believe that should make two huge communities split

Who said this is about Frame rates? It’s about input methods and cheaters. You do realize that even if KB/M was supported on Xbox Gears that less than 1% would likely use it?

Also, your use of the word huge is a bit off.

like i said if the cheaters were blocked… and 1% is still 1% that should not cause us to have split communities… and how many do you think use a controller on the pc… no every uses a keyboard and mouse… let us all just play together… and it has to be more than 1% i ran into them alot!

As I said, make friends with those that are willing to do it. You can’t force a community to be at a disadvantage because a player on a different platform chooses to use a different input. Consoles have always been about controllers and as such that’s why they give the option to leave it that way. You may dislike this but it’s not changing.

not today man , mouse has evovled alot more since back in the day and there are alot of couch equipment letting the average gamer use a mouse so its much more than you think. they may think theyre blocking an input but theyre really not. it was the reason why i switched to pc and ill never go back. ive been playing gears probably around total 6000 - 8000 hours in my lifetime which is as much as a veteran gamer… and i have to say the mouse feels much more realistic and fun and im sure many people are starting to know this. all this cross play removal is just causing nonesense between gamers… because theyre not really blocking any input. and if its for the cheating. the devs just need to stop that.

I Give up.

Can never have a single civilized PC thread without someone lashing out about some non-sense. We can’t be taken serious as a community if you act like animals with keyboards, being passive aggressive and using narrow minded thinking. I Can’t speak for everyone but I’m sure the PC players with controllers can understand how I feel.

And just as a side opinion, I personally don’t mind going against KBM users because I think that just adds to the challenge/fun. This is an opinion!


I hate how TC will allow users to restrict playing with only console players, yet wont do the same for users who only want to play locally with people from their own country.

Shows where their priorities lie…

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For real, especially considering Mexico lag is actually more of an advantage than a KB/M.