Remove my crossplay restriction when I start my game with controller and disable keyboard usage please

Mostly asking this for Gears 5 because it’s too late for Gears 4.

Is that too hard? I’m so sick of being restricted out of lobbies and called PC Trash because I don’t wanna buy a freaking Xbox One to play ONE game on! I Literally do NOT play anything else but gears when it comes to Microsoft so I’m not wasting money on an xbox. If I’m using a controller I should be able to party against players with controllers like cmon guys…


I understand how you feel sucks, but I can only speak for myself. I turned off my rank cross play with PC because I was sick of running into the occasional aim bot cheater. Getting hit with boltok from across map is ridiculous.


Completely understandable.
Best thing to do in that situation is report and move on. Or if you’ve got the option record them in action and send it to a dev. It’s very easy to tell when a PC player is ruining a match with their 3rd party mechanisms.



I’ve over 50 days in multiplayer and I’ve only encountered 2 legit aimbot users in 2 matches, and they were both the same two individuals.

But the number of times I’ve been accused of cheating because I play on PC? Lol it ridiculous.

I guess its nice though, that these old hands can still dominate these new generation of gamers using a 12 year old xbox 360 controller.

OP: Just ignore people talking trash because they’re stuck playing on ancient hardware and as to the wait times, yeah, it sucks, but I can assure you the quality of matches is a lot higher playing on PC.

When I did play on xbox, the wait was a lot lower, but the game runs like garbage and the ping variations are all over the place (not to say its not on PC too, but its way worse on console).


RTX 2080ti benchmark leaked by squeenix…not really worth it if you ask me.


My cross play been turn off pretty much since a while after launch when I noticed the option and monitor icon. I can’t comment on PC I know it’s better because my son’s computer is hooked up he is always on counter strike.( Not to mention 700 and up graphics cards .ridiculous) But once consoles are obsolete which they will be, I’ll hang up my arthritis ridding hands. Was on a console since colecovision won’t never go to PC.

Dam that’s bad for me. 65days 17hrs 46min. Dam you Gears! It never really registered untill you mentioned it.

Dont want to play against pc player because you have an advantage ! It’s smoother and you got better response time in shooting and mouvement ! It’s a fact ! Thats why People dont want to play with you… Even in social… When pc players are party leaders , bots start to act like pro gamer…


this is true.

PC indeed does run Gears better than Xbox One but Xbox One X is suppose to run gears at 60 frames iirc?

60 FPS campaign and horde you mean.

Versus is already 60 FPS on Xbox one

I fixed that for you.

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To be fair the PC does perform better because it doesn’t have that ridiculous intentional “triple buffer” delay that they programmed into Xbox and have since ignored. I’ve played you before and it was a great match though but I get worse pings when I turn on Crossplay than I do with it turned off. That may seem odd but remember you have less players that are willing to pair with PC players so if I turn it on and I’m placed into a PC match the pings are generally higher due to a lower player count. Too many people have this stigma that keyboard and mouse has an advantage which in most games it’s true but definitely not on Gears. This is one of the only games I’d be okay with them forcing crossplay on but definitely not in games such as Halo.

To be honest I’d do anything to avoid players from Mexico but unfortunately they are in my matches whether I turn it on or off. :persevere:


And the reason why whatever minimum advantage that comes with running Gears on superior hardware is absolutely worth nothing,

You want an advantage in Gears? Move your xbox just outside of your 2Ghz wifi range on 5/2 Mbps…you’ll see what a real advantage is.

Make sure you’re using the cheap garbage router your ISP has given you, or the cheapest netgear you can find at Walmart.


Oh. Believe me I know! I have a high end ASUS Gaming Router hard wired into an Xbox One X with Gigabit Fiber running into my house. I see these issues high ping warriors cause daily.

I Just want the PC Nation and the Console Nation to come together in harmony and form peace. I also don’t wanna wait 10mins for a match.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that in the case of Gears. There’s really no advantage to using a keyboard and mouse and the more players available to play with the better the connections should be. As it stands, I won’t enable it because I actually get worse connections by doing so because it limits who I play with more than when I stick to console gamers only. I’d be all for forced crossplay which would likely help all players.

Lol, the advantage of using a mouse and keyboard is tremendous. I made it to diamond from never playing ranked in a weekend without even equipping a shotgun.

I’ve played with a lot of PC players on Gears and every one has agreed that the movement system in Gears isn’t beneficial to playing on keyboard and mouse. The ability to aim may be more precise but that’s about it.

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That’s because most pc players don’t make use of their built in aim advantage. They still try to shotgun when in reality there’s no benefit to even attempting to use the weapon, because a console player will never beat a pc player at range.

See my clips against the top gears streamer to showcase this. They raged and accused me of hacks because they just couldn’t compete, and I’ve barely even played competitively.

Just to touch on this a bit more. I played 3 ranked matches for the first time in weeks and there wasn’t a single match where the lag wasn’t beyond terrible. It’s impossible to do something when I’m pinging between 10-20ms while the enemy team is pinging 100ms and above with large spikes. I ran into one team out of the 3 that were really good but unfortunately 2 or 3 of their teammates were pinging in the 120-150ms range and my screen was what felt like 1 second behind every time. Not taking anything away from that group but it’s just not possible to do anything when you’re behind them and they shoot the wall/floor and you explode. The other 2 matches were just Mexico infested matches with 100ms ping players spiking upwards of 1100ms. None of my teammates could slide into cover as it would cause the game to bug out and teleport out 20-40ms pings backwards or in some weird direction.

The funny part is I didn’t have issues this severe in Social earlier today even with a high ping present. Yes, it ran somewhat poorly even then but it’s 100x worse in ranked. I can’t for the life of me understand how I can have a ping 120ms lower than their best ping yet I’m behind them by over a second according to the server. If anything this doesn’t make me want to continue playing this broken game. I have been playing Halo with no issues lately but I wanted to give Gears another go. Unfortunately, to no ones surprise, I saw more lag in 3 ranked matches of Gears 4 than I did in hours of Halo.

…and that’s with crossplay enabled.

@mikeyaworski, the team I’m referring to getting credit is yours. Despite how poorly that ran for my whole team and my obvious lack of aim due to being out of sync, I do recognize how good you guys set up and crossfired down at us from all directions. Unfortunately, for me to be good at any game I have to play it a lot and I just can’t do that with Gears when there’s a lot of issues that go unsolved. It sucks, I wish I could be like my friend who is able to play 20 games and have muscle memory for each one. Even if the connection ran properly there’s no way we win but it may have been closer. Anyways, good beat down man. :wink:


R6 Siege is a sweaty game. I have to be in a very particular mood to play it, didn’t you say you were a top NA player?

Maybe you’re just a good player?

There’s an aim advantage using mouse, not doubt - but I’d like to play against you just to see ( competitive settings of course) , a well timed smoke grenade with a push will immediately put you at a severe disadvantage, particularly if you don’t have mates to cover you.

TC themselves stated that they haven’t seen a huge discrepancy between console and PC players when it came to KD/R (around the time cross play was enabled).

Same argument as using a fightstick, while technically yes, you can perform certain motions better using the stick + different gate combinations, but I’ve managed to pink in a considerable number of Arcsys games (even taken a few local tournaments) using a controller (an xbox 360 controller with a ps3 adapter at one point, the one with the god awful D-pad) . It’s all about what you’re used to and how familiar you are.

Let’s not forget play styles.

I used KB/M for gears at one point (before the hammerburst was removed as a load out weapon) and yes, it was almost insane…you’d murder people and they couldn’t do anything about it, but that’s the game I want to play, I don’t want to play generic third person shooter, so I use my x360 controller now because it’s fun to engage in CQC.