Remove map voting in versus

I heard rumours that the Gears 6 version might be… EXACTLY THE SAME AS ALL THE OTHER ONES :speak_no_evil::fire:


yes. map voting + stacking is awful and leads to boring gameplay. another reason gears gets boring. TC doesnt care though.

for control just make a veto system.

Swear you’re a horde player tho?

PvE. I know how to play PvP I just don’t because it’s ■■■ and lacks features for competitive matchmaking. This is one of those features it isn’t missing for me to care about the PvP in this game.

What’s wrong with playing both (pve and pvp) lol?

When did I say there was a problem with playing PVE?

hmmmm >_>

We need a map veto system.

Simple, you don’t like a map, veto it.

Can allow for better map variety showing up in VS.

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Forge :nauseated_face:

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I haven’t had this problem in Gears 5 (miracle I know).
No matter what I prefer being able to vote than getting a random map even if I play the same map over and over.

Voting must remain.

What TC could do instead is, not show the ‘vote count’ for each map during voting time.
So players couldn’t see how many players voted for what map.

Show the vote count for each map after voting time is over.

Players tend to follow herd mentality. If one person votes for Blood Drive, everyone then proceeds to shift their vote to Blood Drive instead.

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We know time and again, players vote for Blood Drive, Checkout, etc, over new maps.

They don’t like the new maps (Tomb, Ephyra, etc.) which TC introduced.

If these players constantly veto Tomb, Ephyra, etc. then this would be a problem. New maps would show up less frequently then, which is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve.

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True, but you could veto Vasgar and get Tomb, you could veto Dam, and get Ephera. You could veto Pahanu and get Reactor. It works both ways.

As opposed to what we have currently, where if Foundation comes up, you know its going to get picked. Blood Drive comes up? Well, guess I know what I’m playing.

Now if you get an alright map, like a Reclaimed or a Reactor, now you have to decide whether you want to risk it to potentially get a Foundation/Nexus, or don’t risk it on the chance that you get Pahanu?

You get the potential for more map selection rather than people just choosing their favourite and only playing 6/7 maps. This way you can get a Reactor or a Lift.

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Nothing better than a stacked team picking speyer so they can get free boomshots and snipes

I still want to choose but I’d like them to force more of the less popular maps into the rotation. I had one recently with Dam, Pahanu, and Bunker. None are what I would call , favorites of the Gears community . However, I’d be fine seeing more lobbies with a section of less popular maps , just to mix things up. They could have some more lobbies with 3 less popular maps, this way your’e forced to pick one.

I might be the only person here, but I always liked Icebound. It actually got selected the other day while I was playing . I couldn’t believe it. It got 1 vote (mine) The other maps got no votes. For whatever reason I like that map.