Remove map voting in versus

I honestly think we’d be better off if the maps were just randomly selected.


While I can see you point, and I’d prefer it, this isn’t realistic. They’ll never change it as they’d claim the current system at least offers some kind of control/variety.

But they least they could do is alter it so that an entirely random map is selected when the votes draw.


If you are taking about QP, I think they should let you pick the map and give you a random game mode. Everybody just pick koth because they took it away from comp.

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I always find myself playing the same maps over and over again, so it really doesn’t offer Control or Variety.

It’s really annoying that once you see Foundation is a choice, you already know you’re playing Foundation.


If I have the option to avoid Speyer or Bunker, I’m doing it


I swear it feels like the Devs just play a different build of the game or just don’t play it at all. Half of their claims usually contradict what’s actually happening in their game it’s baffling.

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You must’ve not been around at G4 launch when this was a thing and everyone was up in arms that you can’t vote for a map…

Oh I was, I just think everyone advocating for it is dumb.

People would leave the match if Pahanu was selected.

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Pahanau or icebound and that’s it

I would

Remove them and remove map voting. Simple.

They should adjust the rotation so we get to see more variety but voting is the one thing we have left, take it away and the amount of round 1 quitters will likely rise to the roof.

But I do see your point when I’m faced with Blood Drive, Checkout and Foundation at the same time.

I like map voting, but I wish they’d alter the frequency of maps that show up in voting.

I’m so sick of Blood Drive and Gridlock I can’t stand it.

When maps like training grounds, harbour , bunker, forge and pahanu exist, I would rather have a voting system.


Forge is ok map,

Rest are :wastebasket:

I know what you mean. The exact same thing happens with Blood Drive.

The crazy thing is not everyone that actually votes for it wants it, they just follow the “trend” so to speak.


Blood Drive is greatest map of all time.


Oh I definitely say more than half. Definitely in the 98.8-99.99% range.

Without a shadow of a doubt!

Can’t wait to see the Gears 6 variant!

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