Remove lancers because this is terrible bro

Bro lancer is terrible. I get that its been apart of the game for years now and you cannot remove it. At least make the damage less powerful though. Then with the actives you dont even need gnashers. Its honestly so disgusting that i have to worry about getting lancered and THEN when i even TRY to use my gnasher its absoulte USELESS. If you saw what i saw its insane. then why am i playing with PC players ? they have a WAY higher advantage verses my XBOX controller. If you disagree your apart of the problem. Either make the gnasher stronger by atleast like 2% because thats already the percent i do point blank or i get 98% so either make gnasher stronger or make lancer weaker.

Stop using only the gnasher

Just stop


Come on man, if you are going to troll, at least make it believable.


It’s funny to me that people complain about things that they can easily disable in the options menu.


That’s bait.

You’re not trying, you just threw in the entire rod.


This is how you make a troll thread about lancers

At least u tried OP

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Been a few days since I last logged into the forums.

This is the first thing I see.

I think I’ll just stay in off topic banter from now on.


Bro, just bro down and go bro-low with no guns bro. Speed bro all over the bro map and and just be bros. Bro, it’s so bro not to shoot at your bros, bro.


I needed a good laugh

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Bro you nailed it bro.

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There’s only one thing I see here that’s absolutely useless.


You can turn off crossplay, the gnasher needs a nerf not a buff, its a shotgun and should not be able to outplay lancer in the open when outside of a certain distance, the 98% means you are shooting too soon, not hitting your shot with enough accuracy or you are just getting poor connections.

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Bro bang bang bro

Stay there and never leave the safe space Spargo.

At least it took me reading 60 new threads after a few days offline to get to this one.


Idk if this is a troll but I’ll say this just in case your serious. Lmfao

You realize the lancer has the biggest nerf in gears history?

You realize the active reload doesn’t give the lancer(or any of the loadout weapons) a damage/fire rate boost?

You realize that the gnasher is a freaking cannon with the 2 shot down/gib range that’s far as hell?

I’m sorry to tell you but it sounds like you kinda suck at the game. No offense. You need to switch up your play style.

Btw I just switched to pc and I use controller (masters in 3 modes like I was on Xbox). The keyboard isn’t OP, it’s takes serious skill to get good at (with no aim assist),but movement is way better on controller either way IMO. What gives PC an “advantage” is fps which the Xbox series X solves that problem.

anyways stop complaining and just get good bro. GGs hoped to see you in a masters lobby someday.

I don’t think the person in your profile picture fits into the demographic this M rated game is targeted towards.

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Neither does yours


Mine is a anime cat. His is a literal real life child

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