Remove flashbangs

First of all i think most of us can agree that flashbangs are the definition of cancer especially in koth where there are unlimited respawns. Every time you kill a player in that mode its asking for another flashbang to give you a headache. Let me make a small list of reasons why it shouldnt be a thing

1.This isnt cod where ppl flashbang a player because they cant shoot their gun properly so they need a good 10 seconds to make sure they can actually kill the guy.

  1. Headaches and this is probably the most serious issue how am i supposed to enjoy a game where every 10 seconds i see 5 flashbangs from the enemy team coming down on me like a hail of arrows and then i cant move and like i said i start to get headaches.

3.(this is more of a if you are gonna keep it nerf it thing) the amount of time you are immobilized is way too long and the fact that ppl have it in their inventory every spawn is ridiculous it should be a pick up if it will remain this powerful or the time should be reduced and they should do a better job of making it feel less like im actually getting flashbanged irl.

  1. This is by far the most annoying thing after the headaches maybe even worse because it gives me a headache even faster. Getting permanently flashed for an entire game. If this isnt the most annoying bug ive seen in a game then idk what is first of all it makes it look like someone threw up on my screen the lighting of it hurts my head and the spots all over the screen are distracting. Again if you guys are planning on keeping this item then fix this stupid bug thats been here for months which btw they said they fixed (correct me if im wrong). Im gonna speak the forbidden name here, Fortnite whenever there was an issue or a bug with an item the same day it will be vaulted and worked on until they fix it even if it just came out. And if something was OP it was nerfed most of the time. TC may not be as big as epic games but man do they take their time listening and addressing things. This last TU had terrible patch notes they didnt even mention most of the game breaking bugs that are in the game and dont even get me started on campaign i havent finished it yet because of the skiff bug. And they still havent even mentioned that they are working on a fix for it.

Anyway to sum it up either remove the flashbangs entirely (preferred option). Or make it a pick up only/vault it until reworked and fixed. I cant stand another game getting permaflashed