Remove epilepsy bangs plz

How can is pass health standards , it’s damaging to the eyes ,
I’m surprised you’ve not been sued yet
Who was testing this before release stevie wonder ?
They need removing asap, worse decision ever made in the gears franchise.
The game will play so much better without this call of duty flashbangs


Ray Charles was the tester, get it right


You know theres a warning at the beginning of every game right


I also hate the flashbang. It hurts my eyes. It’s not fun to play around, it’s not strategic. It’s the ability to just give the enemy player a handicap for 4-5 seconds. It’s awful and it’s lazy and I hate it.


Actually the “Flash-bangs” on a way can really damage your eyes is not joking. Imagine see 30-45 flash every hour. In other games you dont see this kind of “flashy” so often.

They can remove the effect and keep the debuff


Exactly, just make it a Stun Grenade with a more mild visual effect, slowed movement, and a stun animation.

Honestly, I think the stun grenades may be one of the worst things added to any multiplayer game I have ever seen.


They can’t be sued, that’s ridiculous. But I’ll agree the Flashbang grenades are a joke, there should only be a smoke grenade as a loadout. That’s it.

If anything they should be sued for what they did to my Hammerburst.

100% agreed. Gears of War is not the type of game that needs flash bangs. We have lived without it for ever and it would be interesting to talk with the guy who came up with the idea, because chances are - He’s never actually played it.

Stevie Wonder :joy::joy::joy: LOL

I agree, flashbangs need to be made into a pickup or just allow 2 members of each team have them (back two slots) and yes also reduce the bright flash because it is causing my eyes pain…

l0000l this man speaks the truth.

Remove that trash and fix everything else already ffs

uninstall the game because they will never cater to the people who actually play their games

I’ve quit KOTH until they nerf them.

Don’t really have to deal with them much in other modes.

They are also awful in Horde mode. You can be hit by multiple flashbangs in a row from the elite grubs with the helmets. It’s very annoying.

The elite swarm with helmets are annoying. I want my sniper headshots to be one shot, one kill

Someone give this chap 1000 iron for the comedy factor alone - :clap::clap: