Remove Downs for FFA in all playlists and Disconnection issues

Hello, Im playing this game since launch and when Op. 4 came out it was great with the new ranking system and all. Fisrt Downs in FFA is something that I dont like cuz It allows other people to take someone’s else kills and that’s annoying and Second I’ve got some problems with the connection since op. 4 Wich I didn’t have until now and It’s not my internet cuz only with Gears happens, with other games I don’t have this problem. Please let me know If you have this connection issue and about Downs in FFA.
Have a nice day.

I dunno ,I don’t play FFA, but i’m commenting because I like your user picture lol.


I dont, but i like ur comment.

Also i dont play ffa.


Agree. It would make executions impossible, but overall it would make the mode more fair. At the moment I just see players wait to clean up after 2 other people do all the work on each other. It can’t be that hard to code in - it’s effectively in the game already because you’d just do it the way characters die after they’ve already been downed and revived twice.

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So u just get shot and fall over without a gun no thank u. Maybe make the down a one sec revive instead

No downs would not change this scenario. Instead the player waiting to clean up can just lancer both of them since they’re weak and they’ll flop over instead of being downed.

I’m not sure a 1 second revive would really add any value compared to instant death. They should either keep as is, or do away with it. But you’d always have a gun because everyone spawns with something. I guess we’ll see how the mode evolves. Already it’s quite a big change with only 8 players and being able to use the proper maps instead of the boring and disorienting escape-style ones.

This doesn’t solve anything though the other players could just shoot them before they go down and would get the kill

But no one has a lancer in their loaduot even it’s not a pick up weapon so it’s not relevant.

Did not know they made the playlist gnasher only, but I don’t see it playing out much different in the mentioned scenario. You can still gnasher from medium range for good damage, except the first shot would outright kill instead of down.