Remove double poison modifiers

Its not challenging its just annoying, having barriers destroyed and you pretty much have to use a mechanic not RE or ARCH so you can get that extra health and resistance

Since people dont use mics you cant explain them to use mech, that the other 2 arent going to work as well

I guess RE could work with the heal on kill, but lots of people dont even use that card, they are going around repairing everything instead of shooting everything

I play master but when its poison i just do incon


Either mechanic or RE with a combat medic and team repair skill card equipped should help.

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Yea if you have people you play with and can coordinate

Randoms arent often medics
I use that card when its poison and im medic, otherwise i use the revive on kill card

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Oh yeah double poison is rough anyways. With randoms, heck no lol.

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Lv2 Barriers lifts them off the ground putting them out of reach from poison. If you have the very rare but unfortunate set with poison+power drain then you’re going to need a more conservative setup

Besides that the Lv2 Barrier method works like a charm.


Ya Double Poison & Ultra Power Drain are definitely my least favorite daily mutators in Horde.

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Combat Medic with Team Repair helps neutralize the mutator for sure. Still annoying though lol.

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Poison modifiers would be a lot less stupid(idiotic) in their application if it was consistent across modes in putting only one puddle pn the ground when the enemy dies, instead of everything in Horde creating a nuke death zone because you killed one of the 5,000 different drones or flushers in the match.

Seriously. Why tf does Poison Drones in Escape only drop ONE puddle every time a drone is killed, but in Horde the modifier decides to do whatever the ■■■■ it wants and drops two puddles for each drone kill(and also waits a split second to drop the second puddle after the enemy already died)?

Playing any map with puddles is not even fun. But Rail Line just makes it so much worse I decided not to play at all.

The last time we played with Double Poison mods in Horde we brought Fortification Health Cards as Eng & in the match our low level re-up 6 random Slugger decided on wave 8 if I remember correctly that the level 2 barriers we had needed to be complimented by their own level 1 barriers in front of the level 2’s & those complimented barriers lasted about 14.2 seconds, lol rip. :slight_smile:

Power drain usually has active reloads, so i use brawler and burn everything, enemies rarely get close enough, no base needed really

Regular power drain is fine, it’s “Ultra Power Drain” I’m not a big fan of. And yes with the Ultra Power Drain Mutator on melee classes & or self ammo resupply classes can get you through it.

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After perking just keep buying the weapon since no power needed for lockers lol

With ultra power drain on, basically you run a “no engineers” horde. So you want classes that don’t really need much ammo to get through it - maybe have one player that builds a locker and repairs taps and stuff.