Remove crossplay compleatly. Its gotten effing ridiculous

For me cross play is not a problem, being put with people that couldn’t complete the campaign on casual is .

And the quitting people, they need month long hardware bans, i can find more consistent playing and staying in a gow 3 quick match.


What if the only way people have fun is by winning?
Even in Lan events the people you describe will still probably find an excuse or something to blame regardless of if they were at fault.
If people care about having an advantage and being handicapped that much, why don’t they buy the equipment and switch to PC themselves?
I’m not a “competitive” player anymore but I upgraded my internet recently and playing with a low ping is like night and day. That is something that I can control and afford to do.

Enough said. The customization is far superior for M&K than controller. This enables crazy movmemt. Not to mention wicked fast sensitivity settings for mouse. Reguardless of anybody’s personal feelings including my own. Using only the facts; please can someone explain to me how this is fair in multiplayer?


Complaining about quickplay is hilarious.

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By the logic of winning is the only way to have fun, you can go thump on bots in Co-op Vs. AI and win 99.9% of your games. Infinite fun haha.

The only reason competitive is popular is because it gives people the false sense that they are better and above other players while also pairing them in “fair” matches and they get rewards that they can show off to say they reached a certain tier in the ranks.

Sure, Diamond and above players can smack most Silver and below players. And yet, we still see them paired together in “competitive” matches :rofl: . But then there are times the Silver is put with the high ranked players and win big and do well in score because of the team help. This is why ranks are pointless. You never can have a 100% fair system for matching, ranking, and evening teams. Sometimes you play alone and with a bunch of other solo players against a 5 stack…other times you have a couple trios and dous thrown together to make up a team. And who knows what ranks all of them are going to be. It’s just who was available and within reason of your rank at the time so you don’t sit there all day waiting for the perfect pairings.

I will always find it more enjoyable to play a quickplay match with a couple friends and bot fills in mere seconds that will be replaced by a human midmatch more enjoyable than waiting for 3 minutes to load into a ranked match to find something that is considered a fair match with those same couple friends. I am an Onyx player on a good day and my friends vary from upper Bronze to Gold…and then a player quits and a team is down a man. You simply can’t have the ultimate “fair” match with a mix of skill players, mix of variables in connection, random teammates/enemies, etc. unless you do actual tournaments and play LAN with a full team against other full teams.


This is not just reguarding quickplay. There is M&K allowed on console currently playing in ranked.

They implemented caps on wall bouncing in 4 to prevent hyper bouncing and limit this…people whined haha

this is true

The anti-crossplay arguments usually fall flat right out the gate because they’re invariably based in misinformation. I’ve truly never seen one of these threads where facts were in order. Instead, claims of cheating and dominance are wildly inflated.

Regarding mouse vs controller, plug a mouse into your Xbox and give it a go. Please. There are some games where a mouse will absolutely give you an advantage. In Gears 5, I spent a little time with both and I honestly felt the aim assist gave controller an advantage. You have to have decent movement skills to take advantage of that though.


This is the truth people.

The industry is moving towards this standard and it’s pointless trying to get away from this inevitable future.

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well for horde is a good thing to have crossplay. it keeps the game alive. If it wasn’t for crossplay I would have to put this game away for good cause I rarely find any PC gamers playing horde. As for versus yes PC has a tremendous advantage over console. I have videos of my wife and I mopping the floor with console gamers. I am sorry to say it but console gamers feel easier to kill than Ai on horde mode at advance setting.

we dont monetize our videos. we do it for fun. I’m only posting one example so you see I ain’t lying. We rarely play at all and every time we go in is mvp. do with this info what you will. But, I do agree that crossplay should only be on horder not pvp.

How am I a juggernaut?

Lmao. I’ve been schooled by console players many times.

My mouse sensitivities are, 5 5 5 with an 800 dpi. This is far from lightning fast. Very far actually.

I can also confirm @Krylon_Blue did not magically turn into a god when he switched from Xbox to pc. He’s roughly the same amount of god, better or worse, that he was on Xbox.


unless you’re in top 1%/super competitive end of the spectrum the Matchmaking system should even things out.

For example: it will match a decent KB/M player with a great Controller player negating any advantage people bittch and whine about.

this better be your attitude toward Xbox Series X players too due to the ability to achieve 120fps.

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That video is Arcade mode which is filled with players who couldn’t even handle Beginner bots…

I play against the best of the best because I’m ranked in Masters and the stacks versus stacks matches are insane and down to the wire. I don’t get mopped up by anybody no matter which platform they’re on. In Gears 4, I was a very high Diamond 3 in KotH while on Xbox One. I stayed the same when I moved to PC. Always played with cross-play enabled even on Xbox. I found many of the PC players to be the easiest players to dominate because they weren’t that great at the game when compared to console players. This still holds true now that I am on PC and find Xbox players to be the biggest threat.

I have never seen cheaters in the 4 years of me playing Gears 4/5 on PC. I think your making excuses

I ran into a few cheaters on Gears 4 but those were mostly one specific clan (spell RAW backwards…) and another person who I used to be friends with.

I have yet to run into any cheaters on Gears 5. By making statements such as “most of them are cheaters” just shows his agenda with no factual proof to back it up.

Haven’t you seen the news lately?

COD has so many cheaters, they get their own playlist.

So yeah, many PC cheaters… maybe not so much on Gears, but overall…

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And who do you think I am? I may be 43 years old and have been gaming for longer than you’ve probably been alive. But, I am a nobody. My wife and I rarely play gears 5. For god sakes the other day we learn we could purchase weapons as upgrades and without doing so we still got mvp all the time. We’ve played in the same mode you are talking about but, the queues are so long that we don’t anymore. There is a massive disadvantage for console gamers against pc and I see it is eating you alive. Problem is you’ve been playing other ex-console gamers that buy pc but still use console controllers. The fact is:

Aim Assist = You get assist with your aiming, so in other words you are hindered, handy capped

Aim Asist in the PC world? = is a hack and no one respects it.

I’m not gonna debate this back and forth with you cause to me this is silly. Being proud of your Aim Assist is like being proud of your handy cap electric car speed. Stop it, you’re silly

My aim assist? I don’t even have aim assist activated. I turned that off ages ago and haven’t looked back. There is far better control in this game with it turned off. I’m not even sure where you got this idea that I’m “proud” of aim assist.

And I’m playing against XBOX players who are bigger threats. The PC players aren’t even that good except for a select few of them. I’m not sure how saying an Xbox player is a bigger threat is an issue. Nor do I understand why you think it’s eating me alive. I don’t care what platform you’re on or I’m on. I don’t care what input you choose to use. I don’t care if I was on Xbox or PC. I got MVP in the SWEATIEST lobbies with the highest ranking players using an Xbox and a PC.

I could care less what your belief is on this subject. Many players can and do beat out PC players while on XBOX and will continue to do so. Advantage? Lol, absolutely not. But if you all want to keep spreading that false narrative so be it. Anyone who has played on both platforms and is good on one will be just as good on the other. It’s not some magical device.


Regarding the CoD players getting banned…are you referring to the 70k that got banned…out of 50 million…50 MILLION PLAYERS.

thats a whopping .14% of cheaters out of their playerbase and if we are being real it is probably even less because if you get caught cheating you are just going to use another account and therefore increase the ratio of cheaters to players.

I would be willing to say .14% of all playerbases out there include cheaters. That seems stupid easy to say in my mind, actually. Because, hell, with the playerbase for Gears 5 right now that would take like a dozen cheaters to be at the same ratio.

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