Remove crossplay compleatly. Its gotten effing ridiculous

It’s actually worse on mobile platforms for the games that allow mobile crossplay.

Not sure if Gears will ever make the jump.

The input lag will depend on if you get linked with a server close by you. And what kind of internet service you have making the link. Not playing a PC player or not!

That’s a different kind of lag.

Controllers have input lag.

A TV has some lag compared to a monitor.


Then buy a monitor. Free up lag as much as you can.

In gears 4 you could pretty much mitigate the input delays built into the game by turning v-sync off.
At least that’s what the pc players on this forum were advising.
Don’t know how this pans out in g5. But I would assume there is something similar, unless tc specfically went out of there way to stop it this time.

I agree. It’s an option.

I prefer to play on a TV. I spend too much time in front of a monitor otherwise.

Not really arguing. Was just pointing out the difference in server lag and input lag.

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All syncs help will smoothing picture quality it will give you slight lag. But they are options. Adjust it accordingly.

Yea. That’s true. Tv on average is 20 to 30ms. Best get a monitor. Especially is you buy the new console. Or you will be wasting your time and money.

We can’t turn them off on xbox. Adjust what?
The delays were just built in from a console point of view.

Anway just pointing out this is what most people are referring to when they say pc has less input delay.

Stop crying and play ranked. It cracks me up when people cry about social.

You go on like PC players have an army of advantages…only a skilled player can use kbm to an extent where they are advantaged over a controller using player, especially in gears. The few out there that have a super good screen so they can up the refresh rate get a small advantage too, but it’s so small it’s not really worth worrying about. It’s really not a big deal.


It is sweaty, I wish it wasn’t, but that’s the way that gaming has gone over the last 15 years. Social doesn’t mean social anymore, it just means you don’t have a visible rank at the end. Matchmaking parameters will probably be inputted to ensure there aren’t blowout matches.

As you say yourself, its much harder to relax and play differently, when you go into a TDM game and everyone is crossing.

But that’s more a complaint of where gaming as a whole has gone in the last 10 years rather than a complaint on the game.

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This right here.

Call of Duty is proof of this. None of the games, including the older ones, play the same anymore. The community has taken on this play style that camping is great and run with it. The developers can do whatever they want to stop this behavior but it’ll never be effective.

Gears is a sweat fest. No way around it. You either enjoy this or you move on to something new. As of now, I still enjoy the gameplay of Gears and Halo so I stick with them. If I ever become bored with both (along with Forza) and/or the community turns it into a play style I don’t enjoy that’ll be it for gaming for me.

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console players want a competitive game with a dumb controller and a 20f input lag 4k tv in their living room

competitive people bought lagless equipment starting the x360
pro players in some other fps play in 4:3 because there’s advantage against 16:9

gears is better with a pc
I’m glad to see more and more people making the switch everyday, top casters are making the switch as we speak
this will force consoles to step up as well as whiny kids to whom I suggest to turn crossplay off for the modes that allow it

if you want to keep things casual just go play arcade, fire your abilities and lancer people down

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That’s partially why I don’t play PvP games much anymore. In every game you are expected to play at 100%, and if you don’t, you get messaged or VC’d to death. Sometimes, I kinda like to just play like a lunatic, have fun, and not really care about the result or what my teammate did.

Even in MW, the SBMM in that game is so obvious. You have to play in a certain playstyle to do well in that game. Or be insanely good.

It isn’t the main reason I stopped playing Gears VS mind you, but its a reason why I’m probably not going to get back into it anytime soon.

We didn’t buy a gotdamm console to play against PC players. When I purchase an Xbox, I expect to be playing against people using the same hardware as I am. With crossplay, all bets are off. How will I know if my opponent is using a mouse and keyboard, or if they have a rig that allows 120fps, or if they have an FOV slider that allows them to see way more of the field than I can, etc. PC players should be playing against other PC players, period. Now if we’re talking about Horde, Escape, Campaign, then sure whatever, who cares, let’s all play together. But a competitive setting? Nah son. Stay on your side and I’ll stay on mine.


I made friends on Xbox 360 and since then we played a lot of games, and is great I can play with them now I’m on PC with Xbox One controller (I have Xbox One too but I didn’t touch It long time ago) and I use the same TV on both platforms, so 0 advantage and your request is stupid and cretin. That’s the result of see the multiplayer as serious business. And I understand why some say some part of Gears community is toxic because this kind of comments,repulsive and cancerous attitudes.


I am a pc player and play on a TV with gamepad. So I have no advantages, I don’t care about this stupid opinion. I just like better graphics because I don’t live in 2013 anymore. Sorry…


I’ll preface this with this is not aimed at you Schwartz. I’m just tired of seeing this explanation for why games are being “ruined” by crossplay.

The thought process that more people being able to play with you on varying consoles is giving them an advantage over you is ridiculous. It’s exactly why video games should not have a “competitive” mode unless it is truly competitive…as in you choose your team and live with them as your team for a month or however long the season is and see how well it goes with schedule matches against other teams. You know, like how an actual competition works.

All games now are about being ranked and getting a better ranking as though that should mean something.

So many games people try hard for garbage emblems, skins, bragging rights, etc. and it’s ridiculous. People think they get internet points or something because they can get digital content tied to their account that says they played a game mode well the last 3 months. And if someone beats them it can’t be because they got beat…they have the digital content that says that can’t happen. Has to be because of crossplay advantage. Yeah, okay, sure :rofl: Because all things are equal in online games when it’s Xbox vs. Xbox, right? There isn’t a variance in connections, regions, varying Xbox models, etc…nope doesn’t happen.

You know why I get on games? To have fun.

You know what crossplay does? It allows me to play with friends I couldn’t play with before.

If you want a pure, fair, all things equal competition, go play at LAN events and actual tournaments for Gears 5. You know…where the excuses go out the window along with all the fun because now you aren’t able to blame connection, console, m&k, etc. and have to actually find a team to beat another team. Not get matchmade with a group of people against varying groups of people.

Ive been playing Warzone with 3 friends…Me on Xbox, 2 on PlayStation, and 1 on PC. And same thing with Rocket League. That is only possible because of crossplay. It is absolutely 100% a more fun experience than a “pure” versus game in Gears 5 because it allows me to play with the most people and not corner myself to only those who purchase a specific console and the game for that specific console.

Enjoy your games people. If your gripe is I have to play people on PC in a Gears 5 competitive match…you are literally only complaining because you are playing someone on a varying console than yours who may, not even certainty, MAY have an advantage (that isn’t a world beater advantage) that MAY lead to you losing battles against them because they were capable of playing the game at as high a level as you.

Play unranked and enjoy your free time not find ways to complain.

Rant over haha :grin:


I play on PC and Xbox and if I had that much of an advantage in one place I’d only play where I could be a juggernaut.
As far as complaining that somebody in PVE is a juggernaut - that person will be on your team and helping it/helping you to win. If you don’t want have effective players helping you to win then play private matches with the Leroy Jenkins bots. I never understand why people complain about things that help players in win in PVE .

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You gotta stop talking about being a competitive game when the main issue isn’t the platform but inconsistencies. As long as those with poor connections are allowed in ranked there is no competitive play to speak of. That lag created by many connections creates a 100x worse competitive game than any input, FOV or refresh rate ever could.

Besides, you’re free to use a monitor and a keyboard/mouse on Xbox. No ones stopping you. But yes, we can change FOV but it’s not anywhere near this advantage you make seem earth shattering. Neither is FPS. I play at 144hz because I like the look of it. It’s not giving me some huge magical advantage like you’d like everyone to believe.

I can say all of the above with confidence. I played on Xbox until a year ago. I didn’t get better by playing on PC with a higher FPS. I dominated these same PC players you say have an advantage with my “low end” console. Skill trumps all. Get better and show them who’s boss.