Remove crossplay compleatly. Its gotten effing ridiculous

We all know it, we’ve all seen it. we’ve all delt with it. TC this is a cancer in the game. Im not going to list all the BS advantages. Its bad enough that you M&k on console.

Its convinent that we can turn off Crossplay in ranked but it still compleatly ruins all other game modes.

■■■■ em all. Any skilled PC player is a juggernaut and everyone knows it. No one wants this in the game!


I really don’t see the advantages. I may not know much but this discussion has been made before.

Use this because there’s already a topic dedicated to this discussion and I don’t want to be rehashing arguments all day. I’d rather come up with new ways to insult people.

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Idk i just cant understand how they are going through all this effort for dev streams and back and forth balancing. All that effort to make it run smoothly.

Only tho let amother input method in and compleatly break all that work. Its a waist on money for one. And its a say one thing then do another contradicting attitude. Its baffling.

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The modes are social. Although these days “social” isn’t what it once was.

The forced crossplay in games are only going to increase. Get used to it.


Cross play is the future of gaming. Bringing in the biggest player base. Matchmaking is super fast but also brings in the most revenue. COD is the best example. So get used to it! And the new XBOX/Consoles are coming out soon. Get 1. Then what’s the next excuse?

I play PC and get beat down by 5 stacks Xbox players all the time! But O well. That’s just the nature of the game since Gears 1. In other words when does the excuses stop? Short answer? Quit crying, and get good!


Speaking of cod

Falcon here has a good vid on how bad crossplay cheating is


Go play on a console and come back and say there are no advantages.
The input lag alone is ENOUGH OF A Advantage.

Now when the series X does come out. I dont care about Pc players because in theory it will be its own Pc. But until then. NO


I played on console for years before switching to PC just under a year ago.

I dominated PC players on console. I dominate them on PC. This is while using a controller so don’t give me that crap. The biggest “advantage” you speak of is mostly caused by monitor versus TV. But you have a choice on the type of display to use. Monitors aren’t exclusive to PC you know.

Besides, the majority of those who complain about PC players whooping them usually blame the XBOX player anyway. If the icons weren’t there you’d still claim PC advantage even though they’re on Xbox. That’s the ridiculous part of these statements. I was accused of being a PC cheater way before I switched to PC so I’d know first hand.


Thanks interesting. Not sure if this is what you mean, but I find social to be rather sweaty now.

I actually find more trash talking and text chat in social. Sure you get some bots both human and AI, but the competition in social is normally fairly intense.

Because the lobbies are constantly being filled with players or bots, I find it to be a better experience than ranked with its dissolving lobbies and quitters.

Main reason I don’t want to play against PC players is because most of them are cheaters with aimbots and wallhacks.

Just look at COD online atm…


I honestly think Gears 5 has a good anticheat system.

Easy anti-cheat

Know that this is really bad currently because hackers have 24/7 to work with the Quarantine–that’s why it’s worse than normal right now.

I’ve been playing Gears on PC for a couple years now, and I’ve only ever come across 1 cheater that I can recall back on Gears 4. Gears 5’s anti cheat is working as intended


Maybe but I’ll bet alot of these hackers didn’t even have jobs to begin with an spend 24/7 breaking these systems wide open, it’s very lucrative

What input lag? You mean from the servers TC use?

Idk the economics in Hacks, but I know it’s popular to see ethical hacks (Hackers that are paid to try and find holes in security systems).

Yea, you can retire in a few years if you’re really good at it and help the big boys like Google an apple, they pay 6figure sums for the biggest security holes found an fixed

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Probably the best discussion about input lag on here.

You mean the cheating “Aim Assist” every console player has that should absolutely never be in ranked play! Wall hacks? Like that crazy fast wall bounce console players were doing that you couldn’t do with a keyboard and mouse? Or the cheating bullet magnetism console players have that curve around walls? The console is a cheat!