Remove cross play turn off feature. Mouse and keyboard already exists on xbox

Please remove the ability to turn cross play off. just add a script that detects the cheaters like pubg. tired of getting kicked of teams for being on pc and having no one to play with on the pc… we need to evolve with technology if they think mouse is better but we shouldnt all have to suffer. The mouse and keyboard can already be used on the xbox not only through third party hardware but also considering microsoft already released a mouse and keyboard support through the tac pro for xbox and theyre also releasing one through razer as well. No need to be kicked from every party i join in because they dont know theyre already fighting mouse and keyboard users, just remove the cross play off feature.


unfortunately this will never happen due to the possibility of pc players cheating this option has to be there because if not people would complain that its not there, and unfortunately due to some people pc players have just got a bad reputation. but just as a side note i still have cross play and to be honest i don’t see why some people would turn it off, while i only play horde in my experience i haven’t had any pc cheaters or really bad pc players.


Its wrong to call players that do not wish to play with pc players ‘crybabies’. People should have the choice to ay with pc players or not.

Also even if Xbox does support keyboard + mouse it is the developer’s disretion to actually support in game. Which Gears 4 actually doesnt except for the use of text chat only.

Your post comes across as if your entitled to play with xbox players invited via LFGs or whatever.

It isnt really the fault of Xbox players that Gears 4 isnt sustainable on PC


If youre so concerned with what people think of pc players maybe you should try playing on a mac, no one seems to hate them.

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Why would I use a mouse on my xbox?


Maybe you should get an Xbox if you want someone to play with!


For aiming accuracy? I would.
I just don’t have or play Gears on PC though.

On the topic of LFG, I’ve seen some posts which don’t want PC players.
I’m assuming it’s because they will have crossplay turned off when starting matchmaking.

When I use Xbox LFG as a PC player, I just state that I’m a PC player in the “interested message” before they invite me. You should do that too, especially if you’re playing KOTH. Cheaters are too common in KOTH even to this day. PC players can also increase queue times, so you shouldn’t blame Xbox players.

I also want keyboard and mouse support to come fully to console and removal of the crossplay option, but at the moment, Xbox players are within reason to disregard PC players from their groups. The main reasons are queue times and cheaters.


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This whole topic can go no where but down so I’m surprised you left it open. The moment he called those who wish to avoid the possibility of a cheater crybabies is the moment this thread derailed. Hell, just yesterday @AliceInChainsaw and I ran into two known modders and I left the match before it began so it would dissolve. It’s possible they wouldn’t have done it there but they’re well known for it so why sit around and risk it?


I could care less about about controller vs keyboard and mouse and whether or not there is an advantage playing with it or not or even about a miniture number of players that cheat on PC. I have to pay for a subscription to Xbox live to play games online and until everyone pays or no one pays I will leave crossplay turned off.

You also claimed in another thread you created that you have run into a number of PC players who have the ability to manipulate pings, cause lag and can kick you out of a match in any VS match at anytime they so choose so the idea of removing crossplay turn off feature is rather rediculous on that claim alone.


Sometimes with a gentle nudge/reminder threads can become more productive. If it doesn’t, I am watching this thread :slight_smile:

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This right here is exactly why I found this thread to be comical and ridiculous. I think he’s just sick of only being able to play these types of “cheaters” that aren’t actually cheating at all. It’s all in his head and I look forward to his “proof” of it happening.

I have a feeling that the videos (if there are any) will just showcase the usual laggy and spongey players we have seen in nearly every VS match. Look forward to seeing how someone is going to prove otherwise and that there is actual cheating taking place.

you can counter that cheaters with a simple script that detects a bot script… every game does it thats worried about bots. not sure why this game doesnt i understand that people are afraid of cheaters but that dosnt mean entire communities should suffer from playing eachother. its the devs job too keep updating the script and letting us all play with eachother, that is the only reason the cross play off feature exists which is just lazy work on the devs part for not wanting to constantly update a script and ban cheaters. so im left to being kicked from almost every party i join in , from the looking for group section, because im on the pc… The game is much better on the keyboard and mouse feels much better, and im sure thats not the reason why people turn cross play on because mouse and keyboard already exists on the xbox in many different ways. and also considering every party thats about to kick me i ask them why are you kicking and they say because of cheaters… so please just remove the cheaters and the cross play off feature.

and krylon i already have a video proof of that, just waiting for more videos to prove to you. and if you want lets get in a match together and watch how easily i can tell your ip address and send you lags. none of these cheats should exist. and i can easily come up with ways to conter these also. the devs just need to be more on top of these things like with any pc game. many other games do a good job of banning these types of cheats. gears is the only game lacking this.

im not paranoid i play this game all day every day and pay close attention to whats happening, i know when someone is playing and beating me for real vs when im being cheated… its really easy to tell. yes some times there are lags , but when some ones connection is fine aaaaaallll the time but their ping rises EVERY single time they get in a gnasher battle that raises red flags. also when as soon as an mvp starts going off and theyre rendered useless in MULTIPLE matches ive played in its easy to tell that thats not natural. we shouldnt blame the players for cheating because how can we stop everyone and prove the cheaters. there should be scripts detecting these kind of hacks and bots… player unknown battle ground gets access to all kinds of information about your pc and therefore blocks and prevents many of these nonesense. not trying to cause competition between these two games but why hasnt TC implemented these types of detections on this game yet… and instead given us cross play off feature…

ive played againts mouse users multiple times while i was on the xbox (without cross play on) and it was the reason i switched on the pc. I saw that it was impossible for me turn around on them as fast and said well if it exists on the xbox then whats the point of the controller and turning cross play off… i also realized after 10 years of playing this game with the controller that the mouse is better, feels better and is just more fun and realistic, like holding a real weapon, which made me think its a no brainer to switch to pc where i have full button mapping functionality on the mouse which xbox hasnt mastered yet and just be able to play with xbox users since many of them use a mouse anyway, but i was shocked to realize that now no one will play with me because im on the pc. For the guys who are on the xbox and have crossplay off , start going behind your enemies and notice how quickly they turn around on you, youll notice youre playing with much more mouse and keyboard users than you tought, which makes the crossplay off feature pointless unless youre afraid of cheaters, and that can be easily stopped by the devs, but we shouldnt suffer from not being able to play with eachother over a simple thing that can be stopped… which makes the crossplay off feature exist solely for cheaters and that is just dumb…

Too many PC cheaters. I will always have my cross play off. I’ve played against and with PC cheaters. I don’t like it either way. I’ll stop playing if there’s a cheater on my team. Crossplay off for me. No ands ifs of buts.

thats what i was saying OG, you guys only block us because of cheaters. and TC just needs to stop all the cheats so you guys dont block us anymore… not all of us are cheaters man…


I guess that’s true. If I knew 100% there were no cheaters I wouldn’t mind leaving it on.

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I will keep mine turned off. I don’t want to play with pc people at all.