Remove Campout and Camp Drive

I love the new Operation but wow, it’s hard to even load up the game when you know Blood Drive and Checkout are going to pop up in the voting pool 9 times out of 10. And if it’s not that, it’s another map from Gears 4. They simply don’t work well in this game. We have to petition to get these recycled maps like Reclaimed, Foundation and Harbor removed. The repetitive feeling of it holds the games potential back. KOTH is nearly unplayable with the cross Lancering going on in most recycled maps. Take them out and utilize those time/resources used to bring back old maps to instead rework the campy new maps like District, Pahanu, Bunker, etc to make them more enjoyable for everyone so they’re voted for more often and we don’t need so many old maps in rotation. Just simply adding more taller cover on most maps to block OP sightlines would be easy for TC and make a HUGE difference.

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