Remove auto aim from multiplayer!

I can believe what I see


I’m pretty sure you can turn it off

No you can’t. Pop shots are literally centering your view now on a person. Absolute joke.


Buster McTunder

Please tell me how I can turn off?

Hmm. Well at least it’s turned off if you play competitive ranked. I’m not home rn but I’ll look later.

do u ever play ranked match?

It’s off in Escalation.

Tbh, it’s just Aim Assist and it helps with consistency on Controller.

You can turn off it at a later date if/when TC add the option.


At the least it should be toned down.

Last I heard, in their final dev stream before Gears 5, they said that they have no current plans of doing anything about it.

They wanted to launch the game in its raw, unedited form. Not sure why when everyone already complained about it during the tech test.

It is really bad but not the only problem.

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How stupid it is when the viewfinder changes position while holding only LT?

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