Remove 'Arms Race' from Ranked Season 6

Yeah everyolne likes different things n there is nothing for the people like me. I need a shotty sniper playlist, gears died with gears 2 imo, gears 3 was slightly redeeming, gears 4 better on the multiplayer, real gears feels, still not top because its only got newcomer modes n no veteran modes

Arms race should have never been a “ranked” mode to begin with. It could have been a really fun gametype to lighten the mood when you don’t feel like being sweaty, but they had to design it to be competitive and ruin any potential of being fun.

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If it has a dedicated and consistent player count, then I dont see a problem. I might not play it myself, and I might not see the point of removing it then adding back in, but if people play it, I dont see a reason why it shouldn’t be there.

we know it doesn’t have a consistent player base. It was removed since ranked season 3 along with warzone because they had a very small player count.

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My theory on arms race is it’s probably the only versus mode that attracts horde players and others who probably don’t mess with versus much. I don’t have any proof of this—just casual observations here and there.

The only convincing argument for taking it out IMO is if it’s pulling players from other modes and making it even harder to find a match. I really doubt it’s doing much of that. I haven’t noticed it in central US anyway.

Also maybe having it as a ranked option helps decrease the amount of votes it gets when it pops up in social since now arms race fans can go play it any time they want. That’s a plus for me.

the mode feels unnecessary since it just adds up to the playlists. It’s almost like having 10 modes and only 5 are popular which have 95% of the versus players. The rest only have 5% of the player base, so wouldn’t it be a good idea to remove the unnecessary modes so that 5% might become a part of the gears community?(the other 95%)

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