Remove 'Arms Race' from Ranked Season 6

Simple solution, if you don’t like it then don’t play it. I enjoy it because it is the least sweaty of the ranked modes and I rarely run into stacks. I’d rather not be forced to go to social to play it where the same tired game mode, KOTH, gets voted in 90% of the time.


Whatever, I don’t agree with that logic.

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The problem with Arms Race is that it needlessly strains a already dwindling playerbase. That’s why it should be removed

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You’re assuming that the player base will move to another game mode. I pretty much stuck to horde when Arms Race wasn’t available. I also see around 40-50 gamer tags pretty consistently when playing Arms Race.

What we have here is the, “I don’t like it so get rid of it” mentality. I’ve always been opposed to that in all forms of life.

I don’t play it but I think they should keep it if there are enough people that matches are actually getting made. I can’t imagine that enough people are playing it that it’s truly hurting any other play lists. I think Dodgeball is trash but I’m not trying to take it away from people who enjoy it.

Just like this post, you can ignore it if you don’t like it.

What’s the point in having a mode that you can’t find a match in? EU players can’t find a match on arms race if they searching alone.

Did you read what I said? It included, " if there are enough people that matches are actually getting made."

I also don’t think they should make universal decisions based on what’s going on in a dead market. Ultimately, TC has the metrics and I’m sure they’ll make an appropriate decision.

It looked like you suggested that there were enough players.

TC needs feedback and ideas to make the right decision if they want the best for the players.

(off-topic)Since Arms Race and Dodgeball are NEVER played on ANY server outside US, wouldn’t it be better if QoS just choose to search US servers even if you are an EU player? This would at least allow for faster matchmaking and I’d probably not suggest removing the mode.

What do you mean by ‘dead market’ ?

Like I said, I trust them to make that decision. No one in this thread has any hard data about player populations so people are just speculating and stating it as fact. I trust TC to use their data to make the best decision.

The only thing I’m actively against is the, “it’s casual doe and it’s trash so get rid of it” mentality.

Better remove arms race - period.
Hoping on a free for all in Gears 5.
Edit: And take Dodgeball with you.

TC clearly stated during the end of season 2 that Arms race and warzone were the least played modes. They stood out therefore were removed.

I don’t know how that’s supposed to be a counter to what I said or why you feel compelled to incessantly argue this but as I’ve said more than once, I trust them to make the right decision. Unless you can convince me not to trust them in this regard, please just let it go.

really? how tf can you trust TC to make the right decisions if they don’t listen to the players? it’s like you’re saying leave everything to the devs dismiss everything else.

Not trying to be mean or anything but this thread is pretty much a yes or no and why. It seems like you’re too neutral about this. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

At minimum take the effin spawn protection off arms race ffs


That’s why I don’t play Arms Race, or Dodgeball for that matter. I’m not fond of invincible enemies spawning up my *** constantly.

I still don’t get why they couldn’t implement the simple concept of; once you pull the trigger, your spawn protection is over.


Nope…you lost me there bro😂


Remove it, add OSOK, one shot one kill. Most played playlist ever no doubt.

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imagine aimbotters :joy: To add OSOK to this game in ranked we need an anti-cheat system to prevent cheaters from entering matches.

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I am all for a OSOK playlist! It is by far my favorite event. The only one I still play even after I get the skin😂

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Ohh, for the love of god, no… osok? The stupidest mode ever… took me about 5min to see how pointless and boring it was…

I’d rather play arms race any day…

See, everyone likes different things…

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