Remove 'Arms Race' from Ranked Season 6

Warzone and Arms race were removed in Season 3 due to them being the least played modes. Removing them allowed for a better ranked experience since no one would waste their time searching those modes for more than 5 min and not find a game.
(If you don’t want to remove it, at least put it on the bottom of the core playlist, whenever I spam A to get into a TDM que I get into an arms race que because it’s on the top unlike before)

Removing arms race will make it easier for those who are trying to get diamond on every game mode. Trying to reach diamond in arms race is almost impossible due to how difficult it is to find games, especially if you are a EU player. Even worse if EU PC player.

Why was it even added back??? (I wasn’t very active in season 4)


I agree with this 100.


I completely agree. Although I wouldn’t mind it being replaced by something like OSOK or Gnasher Only Koth


seeing how low the player pool is, it is better to have less modes in ranked for this game


This I won’t mind either to keep things fresh once in a blue

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Arms Race is the biggest clutter I’ve ever seen. Get it off my ranked list. And absolutely should not have a rank associated with it. It’s a casual mode


do you know why they added arms race back? I see no reason why but there must have been MANY requests for them to add back the mode

I honestly don’t know why it was brought back. I certainly didn’t see a lot of people asking for it, at least on the forums, I’m not on Twitter, so it is possible that they got a lot of requests on there

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must say warzone was a lot more fun than arms race( you couldn’t self revive) . Why choose the worse option TC?

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The only reason I played ranked warzone was to get the embar skins in one of the seasons but i was never able to find a match even back then

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it was really hard to find a game, I had to have 10 people and split up squads and search on same server… I think that explains my struggle with these two modes

Disagree, it’s the only casual play list on ranked that you can just chill on, and finding games on it isn’t much harder than most other play lists, as an EU player I just needed an American and would be fine most of the time, I’d keep it, it’s a mode where casual players can have fun and not find people sweating for rank

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casual modes don’t belong in ranked… prove me wrong

btw as a EU player it is impossible to find a game and it is not like any other mode. You need US players in your lobby and still it takes a lot of time compared to other modes, and it is the least played mode that the vast majority of ranked players don’t think should be in the ranked playlist.

I think there is, everyone is sweating for rank, and social sucks and is boring, arms race allows for having a rank without everyone sweating it, it also hardly ever gets voted in social and you get the xp benefits of Ranked, and yes it is the same as guardian and dodge ball in terms of finding games

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no, guardian and dodgeball are way easier to find games in compared to arms race. There is a reason why it was removed before

As an EU Player it’s exactly the same tbh

have you ever solo qued and found a game of arms race ever since QoS was added? the answer is most likely no. I can search guardian and dodgeball solo and still find a game but it takes around 7-10 minutes. (now this is when I’m on Xbox with crossplay toggle ON)

Because you have a VON, solo I can search all 3 for 30 mins and no game

Oh yeah, that mode should go. It’s hard to find a match even with a smurf account.

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this is without VPN on xbox