Remove arcade challenges

So i have been given daily challenges to win arcade matches multiple days in a row and having to waste my free reroll, even rerolling ANOTHER arcade mode challenge today. TC mentioning that arcade mode dissapearing for an indiscriminate amount of time and there still being challenges popping for it is super annoying to waste rerolls on. I can only imagine spending iron on it for an impossible task. Is there any news on them removing this from the challenge pool?


That’s exactly what brought me here. My versus daily challenge is “win 5 versus arcade matches” to earn six stars, yet there is no Arcade to complete this challenge in. It’s disappointing to know I will waste a re-roll (missing out on the double stars I specifically purchased boost for), because of poor planning. I figure if you’re going to remove Arcade from the roster, the next logical thought would be to pull any Arcade related challenges out of rotation. It just makes sense. Or at least it should. But hey, maybe I’m asking too much. Time to play Halo since their challenges actually work.


Im not even surprised they removed Aracade but left the challenges in lol.

Having said that they really need to remove these challenges cause I am not rolling on a 2 v 2 Gnshar challenge only to get an Arcade challenge.


I don’t understand the 2v2 challenge. Why is there a challenge and a metal for that matter that makes it seem like 2v2 is in Casual? The only other Ranked-only challenge is to complete a FFA match. Yet, the 2v2 Ranked challenge is to win. Plus, since there is a 2v2 medal that is not in the Ranked group, I get the feeling TC simply forgot that 2v2 is only in Ranked.


I went ahead and re-rolled my “win 5 versus arcade matches” and got “win 3 versus arcade matches” instead. WHAT? Come on TC! Communicate with each other. If one department is responsible for taking out Arcade, relay that information to the department responsible for daily objectives.

I feel like the decision to remove Arcade must have been late in the day, because the lack of foresight on this is alarming, it was one of the first things I thought of when this decision was first announced.

To be honest, I still can’t believe it hasn’t been fixed yet.


Same. I just can’t imagine a team of people not catching that. This is their About Us on the website

"The Coalition is a growing team of talented, creative, fun-loving professionals, united in their passion for Gears of War. As a Microsoft first-party studio, we focus on pushing the limits of interactive entertainment and taking Gears to new heights.

We believe that if you want to go far, go together. It takes a diverse team of people sharing a common vision to make a groundbreaking game. Mutual trust, a shared purpose, and the determination to overcome any obstacles together defines what it means to have a great team. We also believe that fun games can only come from teams that have fun! We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

And when it comes to having fun, it helps that The Coalition calls beautiful Vancouver, Canada home. With a mild climate, vibrant nightlife, abundant arts and culture, diverse culinary scene, and no end of outdoor adventures, the area has something for everyone."

They call themselves professionals! :smile:

No wonder they don’t have time to fix the game.
Glad to see the money earned from micro transactions is being spent wisely.

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