Remove aim assist from ranked or add other competitive game modes


I hope someone from TC is going to read this. Aim assist in gears 5 is really over the top, like on steroids or something.

First of all, their shouldn’t be any aim assist in ranked modes whatsoever. I mean its ranked, implying people are judged by their skill. And in a shooter, your aim (besides movement and tactics) is a big part of your skill level. This concept, however, is not compatible with people being assisted in their aim. It just doesn’t make any sense. I don’t have any experience with other online shooters, but I would be suprised if they allow aim assist in ranked modes.

Before I get this thrown back at me, I know gears 4 also includes aim assist, however it was much more subtle and less noticable. In G5 its unbearable. Shotty feels off and I am getting gibbed by someone who aims litterally 3 feet next to me (kill cam confirms it). Also snipers are getting headshots the same way. I popped some melons while missing by half a feet. It’s ridiculous.

I started playing escalation just to check whether it was all in my head and behold, it felt right again. Every shot landed where it was aimed.
Now I am stuck playing Escalation, a game type I don’t like, just because aim assist is excluded.

Is it just me or do y’all feel the same?


Yes add execution and dodgeball and take guardian out!!!


I agree bro aim assist is horrible but it’s obvious that TC is catering to newbs!!! SMH


I would be fine if they were trying to do make the game more accessible to new player, but thats what social is for. Why mess with ranked though? Only dedicated players go for ranked. They don’t need to “sell” to those players…

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Exactly not just social new players can play arcade death match too!! Why mess with rank please change this and give us execution back!!!


Look at this BS. I can’t believe this is actually in ranked playlists:


We need to get some traction going on this issue. As it stands today, this in unacceptable. I was playing just now and some sniper got a headshot aiming half a yard next to the guys head. Its stupid.

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From what I heard, the latest news on this is that they have no plans to do anything about it. After the tech test, they brushed it off and said, “just wait till launch.”

Nope. People still don’t like it.

Here is the thing though. This is their way of absolutely STILL having CORE and COMP.



Dude these damages on everything are way too high. I thought people were being dramatic at first.


You literally cannot dodge anymore with this going on. If they don’t change it, then they will lose there core fanbase very quickly.

I know I will not be playing this game online. What TC needs to realize is that the casuals are not the ones who will support their game on the long run. They’ll play a couple of months then move on.


Exactly. In the previous games, you could kinda pretend like you don’t see them and just barely strafe to the side - really just walk to the side and dodge their shot and then chunk them. That type of subtle but experienced movement is gone.

Boom. You just get chunked. Even if they tone down or remove aim assist, the game is still designed for casual gameplay.

Many but many people do not care or they just care when it is done to them. Not me, I hate missing but getting rewarded for a kill.


It seems we are a dying breed my friend. Guys who just want to play a shooter based on actual aiming and skill. :rofl:

Dear lord, I should go count my grey hairs again.



  • Massive power-creep on the lancer + gnasher the weapons u will be using 99% of the time

  • Brutal AIM-ASSIST to allow the “Noobs” can kill

  • Eliminations system like overwatch the “Noob” touch something with the lancer and he receive eliminations god.

To be honest they need reduce the power-creeps of the weapons, remove that aim-assist on all the modes like “comp” and return the eliminations system of GEARS 4. Even if some steall kills happen is better than this

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I would literally do the strat you describe in the first paragraph all the time. Here is hoping the aim assist gets toned down

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Right!? It was so much fun.

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I said this in another thread, and I’ll say it again…

I encourage everyone who agrees with this thread to make their own thread explaining why aim-assist should be removed from ranked, how Execution should be added (obvi-fkn-ously!!!), and all the other things required to make this an actual competitive game. We have to make it to where TC has no choice but to address it, because they really don’t give af otherwise.


They don’t care. They’ve made that clear since Gears UE. TC gonna do what they wanna do and their vision of this franchise clashes heavily with what most of us want out of it.


Wow that’s horrible!!! Smh

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Fully agree mate. People can just add a message to this thread and if it gets big enough they will at least read it.

Although I am still pessimistic that they will change anything. Look at the Omen feedback as an example. They ignored those completely and we had a 500 long thread about that.

It’s the new generation of gamers complaining about things being to hard. An they want to make it so everybody can play and have fun instead of giving the core fans who brought them here what they want