Remove AI intermediate / expererienced from quickplay leaderboards

There’s no point for them. You can’t choose those difficulties anymore.

Only beginner / hardcore should in the AI leaderboard menu.

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Wait, there’s leaderboards in Gears 5?

The world may never know!


Hang on! Theres leaderboards for CO-OP VS AI ? WHAT?


This is literally the last thing the need to put work in on. Give me more maps

True, but out of all the things they can do to this game, this by far has to be one of the easiest to fix.

I just don’t see why this actually matters to the op. What downside is there other than it slightly annoys them because it’s there.


Remember, we can post what we feel should / needs be removed / looked at. Not all of this gets checked into.

There’s no point in continuing to disagree with my opinion filling the comments with just us 2.