Remember when Gears was good? TC doesn't know what they are doing

The first trilogy was the best especially Gears of War 2 in my opinion.
Maps were dark, gory, and in some way scary, now its sunshine, 4 man multiplayer, replacing the face of Gears for some boring story line.
Really TC is sinking this game a lot more since Gears 4, why the hell we bring in WWE characters?? Why attract 10 year olds to come onto this game ?? Instead of listening to loyal fans who have played the best Gears games and know how it should be; they want to cater to a younger generation.
Sadly since EPIC left, this game went down bad, worse is all the Gears youtubers hyping the updates like their so good lmao…Judgement is better than Gears 4 & 5.
They should appoint a loyal and experienced player to help bring this game back to light.

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No judgement was not better than 4/5