Remember Luchador Oscar?

Remember when apart for making a bunch of skins for Oscar, who at least imo, is probably an unpopular character in the Gears games was made to wear underwear and show off his sweaty hairy chest???

Don’t know why TC always makes new skins for characters who ppl don’t play as much; now we have WWE characters? When keeping loyal players since 2006 isn’t as important as bringing 10-year olds to the game.

Now 4v4 for multiplayer? Not suitable for big maps, less action, etc.

I definitely think changing the teams to 4 players is TC reaching their lowest, I will be shocked if they can come up with something worse.


If you gave me a choice between all those Luchador Oscar skins; and these real-life wrestlers, I would prefer to have Oscar. Every single time. :smiley:


You really went on some tangents there, OP.

  • Oscar in his luchador outfit, hairy chest
  • TC makes skins for characters I don’t like
  • The Great 10-year-olds-who-like-wrestling vs. Gears 1 players war
  • 4v4 sucks


I was thinking the same thing :joy:

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I personally like the change to 4v4.

Interesting how we started at Oscar’s hairy chest though to get there.

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All of those skins give me an intense migraine, but I’d have to agree.

“The New Day” skins are unforgivable.


Make Alena Shishkova into a character.

Some of their lines are funny but most are cringe “Sucka, where is your head?” “Yeah, don’t stop til you reach the top!”

Did somebody call me?



I really didnt and still don’t know the main point of this thread

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Everything about them is cringeworthy.

This topic went so many places in just one post.

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That was my favorite character in gears 5! He looked so funny, had funny quips like “clapped!”, and I was a monster at gears 4 so recking people with such a ridiculous character just felt extra disrespectful


Best skin in gears history. I’m not even joking.

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Tbh I have a hairier chest than Oscar…

Are those really the kinds of details people want to know?

And Luchador Oscar sucks. Just as much as his Wrestler skins.

Id like to see more artists designed skin’s sorta like the jd one’s from gears 4

If a snatcher gobble up a near naked oscar his naturally produced fatty juices would kill the snatcher while it would be violently and force fully trying to expell his huge sweaty fat@$$ carcus…R.I.P…This takes hairballs to the next level…(Even the SERA version of the S.P.C.A wouldn’t be able to avoid not crying for the poor snatcher who died by being oscarfied to death.)

Poor snatcher will be diagnosed with diabetes


Heart disease maybe, but diabetes? He isn’t made of sugar you know. :stuck_out_tongue: