Remember Dominic Santiago...:


Here comes some brainlet calling Dom a bad character like they know how to write one.

Can’t let anyone just enjoy a post

Here comes the fanboys sticking up for Dom saying he is a brilliantly made character like he is the only one to exist.


Here comes me! Here I am! I’m here!

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Dom its great

Level of importance.

  1. Marcus
  2. Dom
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Faze Chutani

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I called him FAZH " the ghost and the darkness" Chutani

Fazh used to be a Mexican Lion hunter before joining the COG .

I call him FASZ because I am from Hungary! :hungary:

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wow man didn’t know that… has to be a beautiful country.

it doesnt matter what we called him, at the end it was really the best addition on Gears 5 definetely and also the " Freedom Lancer":

Nobody said that, but he’s not a bad character.

It all makes sense now

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hahahhaha :slight_smile: yeah that’s why he has the Mosin-Nagant Rifle… its the Mexican army way to deal with lions and monsters.

You guys are too funny lol

That character development was amazing…

I think Kait should have been a second main character.

Made gears 5 like judgement & show what we got for 5 as a lore piece.

Then continue with JD from 4.

I don’t have any emotion towards Kait.

I did with JD.

Just me I guess.

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Not just you, I agree 100% :point_up:

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