Remasters you want

What are some of the remasters you would buy?

Gears of War 2-Judgement
Ninja Gaiden Black-3 Razors Edge
The Force Unleashed 1-2
Batman Arkham Origins
Spider Man Web of Shadows
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance-Armageddon

I know that probably all these won’t get a remastered version and that most i mentioned are already backwards compatible but I’d still buy them again


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God of War 1 & 2.

I recently caved and got a PS4 with God of War 3 among the games bought, with the 2018 game at a later point. I remember playing the first 2 on the PS2 they were swell.

The dead space trilogy, Borderlands 1 And Vanquish.
Let’s not forget Gears 2 and 3 too!

NGB yes I would love that but it will never happen unless Itagaki gets the rights again. I am honestly thinking of picking up a PS4 just for the exclusives they have.

Silent Hi- ahhh who am I kidding. It’s dead.

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Unfortunately. I played the sigma versions with ps now and it was too easy. And in sigma 2 you have no choice but to play the mission mode challenges in co-op, even if you want to play alone they give you a ai partner.

Wasn’t Razors Edge a remake of NG 3?

Yes because the original only had the dragon sword, no decapitation, no upgrades, no collectables, and way too many quick time events

I still played both of them. Should’ve put more time in them for the achievements but oh well. NGB was one of the best action packed games ever made.

Yeah. But I wish black didn’t get rid of new game plus mode the original release had

This probably doesn’t count, but I’m still living under the deluded hope that Nioh gets an Xbox release.

Maybe we could get it on the next Xbox along with street fighter 5

Maybe, depending on whatever the terms either developer agreed to when dealing with Sony.

I’ll put up with first-party exclusives, but third-party ones, timed or otherwise, are such BS.

Yeah. The original dead rising was a 360 exclusive if you don’t count that weird Wii remake, but it was remastered for the One and PS4

My picks aren’t the most popular ones:

Nier on any modern system.
MotorStorm on PlayStation 4.
Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War on 3DS.
Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission on 3DS and/or Switch.
Metroid Prime Trilogy on Switch.
Wolfenstein 2009 (will probably never happen because of license issues, the game isn’t even available on digital stores).
Viewtiful Joe 1&2.
Black & White on PC.
Alpha Protocol.

There’s a Nintendo Direct tomorrow and there are rumblings of this possibly in the cards.

They’re just rumors, but if they’re gonna do another Swtich port/re-master, I’d place odds on this being the most likely.

Alright, so apparently if we wanted a game like Nioh on Xbox, all we had to do is ask.

Rumors that Modern Warfare 2 might get remastered.


Its just the campaign.

Well, in that case…


Dead Space.

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