Remake suggestions

Thrashball was so fun, It would be great

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Jacinto, trenches, and thrashball

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With the game back to 4v4 I’d like Mansion and Tyro Station to return.

Triple A… Anvil, Azura and Academy.

Maybe snowy

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Academy should be remade into the New Ephyra Officer Academy (where JD and Del went), it would be pretty neat.

Cool thread.

I think Mansion covered in snow would be absolutely awesome.

The same with Nowhere as well. Instead of having a sandstorm, have it turn into an absolute blizzard.

we’ve had numerous polls posted over the last 3-4 months detailing a consensus of map picks already

I would go and look at those to get a sense of what people want.

I am one second away from removing you from my friends list

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One day I’ll get my friend request

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All I want is for him to respond back to my messages.

Lulz one day you’ll be my friend.

@grey_mineman not much to respond to:

For context, this was April 10th.

What did I walk into

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Woah woah woah! revealing our secret messages?

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According to Kyle, its ok.

how could you man? :pensive:

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He is lying. I have no horse in the race.

Clown lying?
Never heard of the concept.

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It’s very liberal. Something he loves to discuss.

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We probably dont talk to the same Clown.

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@RIP_Gavroche is my clown.