Remake suggestions

I know a lot of people want to see new maps, BUT if you had to pick some old maps to remake and update, what would you like to see ?

But more importantly, what would you change?

You can’t pick any map that has already been put in Gears 4 or 5.

My pick would be “Trenches” snowy, with some ice rain in the middle of the match. Probably with the Lancher GL instead of the Mortar, since it is not in the game.

Just curious to read some ideas


Garden and Jacinto

Jacinto - sunny and bright

Garden - in like foggy/ cold terrain

Mercy is always an option, just clean it up a bit to look neater


Thrashball for sure
However it would be DB themed. In the lore the DBs play in the Thrashball league so to see a pristine version of Thrashball would be neat, however the scoreboard dropping should still be able to fall.


Garden. Map from 1 I enjoy that never hit the remake cycle.

Much of the plants can be wilted and contorted, covered by pods and their roots.

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Thrashball. A map that was a perfect example of devs listening to beta feedback and utilizing it properly by adding more ways out of the spawn tunnels.

Beta only had the main tunnels and not the ramps near the stands…good times


It’s one of my most requested maps to come back, river actually was my most requested and I’m very surprised it even came back.

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Thrashball was so fun, It would be great

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Jacinto, trenches, and thrashball

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With the game back to 4v4 I’d like Mansion and Tyro Station to return.

Triple A… Anvil, Azura and Academy.

Maybe snowy

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Academy should be remade into the New Ephyra Officer Academy (where JD and Del went), it would be pretty neat.

Cool thread.

I think Mansion covered in snow would be absolutely awesome.

The same with Nowhere as well. Instead of having a sandstorm, have it turn into an absolute blizzard.

we’ve had numerous polls posted over the last 3-4 months detailing a consensus of map picks already

I would go and look at those to get a sense of what people want.

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