Remaining Iron left

A bunch of threads was deleted and I was banned for a while

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I think was by Sera for you spamming it even when asked to stop (though I am not 100%)

I remember you were previously suspended when you posted a campaign spoiler in the first week.

Ah yes, poor Jack


F in the chat for Jack.


I have 167,000 Iron so I’m always hoping there’s a use for it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::sob:

Donate it to @TC_Clown , poor boy needs all the help he can get.


I am proud of what that young man has accomplished.


I prefer Stanley Nickels

Very smart, has the same ratio as unicorns to leprechauns.

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Gears1 Jack skin makes the ending more meaningful

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They are still giving out iron in the tour of duty post op8 if there was nothing to use it for they wouldnt bother with that they could just keep it all coins.

Only thing i dont get with coins as well is for the vet players you eventually will have brought everything available in the store and just have accumulating coins forever and ever :joy:

They carried on with Gears 4 adding content apparently up until a few weeks before 5 came out, must be unreal engine thats made them give up sooner on 5 :woman_shrugging: Who knows. But 4 i think had a lot more content wise maps and all that


fornicator (plural fornicators)

An unmarried person who engages in sexual intercourse, especially when considered to be of an illicit or illegal nature.

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What happens in the fornicator, stays in the fornicator…


Or Hivebuster Anthony. Hivebuster Anthony is good, too.

ever since the store change to Coins, Iron was only useful for Boost.

not sure why people were buying a character for premium currency only to get it a week early.

You confuse me, I refuse to believe your lies

It’s so confusing. I know someone that will buy iron, go to the store every week, buy characters with iron and then not play the game.

I’ve not seen him play for about 6 months.

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Coins are useful for horde escape. Upgrading cards to max rank costs more then a character.

It might be worth investing in boost if you still plan to complete the recycling ToDs that will be coming after Op8. The iron spent to get boost for 100 days is more worth it just for the double stars to blitz through to faster coins. 100% guarantee the bonus stars you get will be worth more skins in the long run than just purchasing that much iron worth of skins out the gate.