Remaining Iron left

Is there any point in keeping saved up Iron now that the game has come to the end with content and I’m guessing everything will be able to be bought with Gears coins? Or is there going to be some crazy bundle released on the last day of OP8 that can just be bought with Iron?

I always wait till characters are available for Gears coins and then grab them but thinking I should use some iron up instead now.

Boost. That’s really all it’s good for already.

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Yeah but maybe after OP8 ends we can use it in the fornicator


Can’t picture TC putting manpower into that.

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Probably pointless besides rerolls on dailies and boost if you need it.

I have like 2810 in iron. Will use if needed, but probably wasted.

Might see something come out that you want a week early :woman_shrugging:.

Gonna use it on any Lahni skins, or executions that I like.

I heard you can cash it & exchange it for a Schrute Buck


Pam voice: what is the value of a Shrute buck?

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This feels like saving 9999 full health potions in a JRPG for the final boss when you are already way overlevelled


I feel unmotivated by this

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I’m hoping one of the last skins is the Savage Theron. I’ll spend Iron on that. I’m hoping we see a neck fix for him and a few others, but it seems TC likes that ■■■■.

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Where is this fornicator device? Seems like fun.

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It’s so secretive, the mods keep deleting any post that mention it…

I will pick up Hivebuster Anthony the week when he is only for iron. Maxed out exp wise on account and classes so boost is now pointless

Using the search bar determines that this is not true :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol. I cba to search. Im sure someone said their posts were deleted.

In any case, I think I have proven my point :stuck_out_tongue:

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Horde, its the thingie you put things in which it then dispenses rewards thingies

They stopped caring

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First result is from Nov 2020, when did they start?

Or was this when you were spamming it over and over and over?