Reload bug with the gnasher

Their seems to be a bug that causes the gnasher to reload without that input being pushed. Its happened to me a bunch of times last night and tonight. It seemed to happen after respawning and firing 1 shot. Go to shoot again and instead I’m reloading in a gunfight.

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Which Controller scheme are you playin??? Cause i have reload issues since i changed to class-alt. My reload bar is not stopping sometimes.

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@eiskaltwiefeuer i play Alt remapped

Is this on a standard or elite controller? i use to have this problem with the standard controller as the RB and RT are so close together… id accidentally brush it. On the elite there is a small gap which helps.

@BetaX2r i have an elite… i had a conversation about this with another member the other night. So i was paying close attention to this last night

Same here. On a Standard Controller. Its weird sometimes it works fine, and than outta nowhere the reload Bar is not stopping.